China Glaze QT


Yesterday a package arrived with some funky shaped rhinestones, so later today I'm gonna do my nails again and probably try those out as well. It took quite some time before I got these stones, but as it turns out, the package went from Hongkong to Canada before arriving here in the Netherlands!

Today I'm waiting for another package as well, with stuff for my cats. So I'm not gonna do my nails now, because then the mailman will of course arrive while my nails are still wet :P In the meantime I have some older pics, from China Glaze QT.

I really like this polish, it's such a nice pink, ánd it's holo :D
As with all OMG polishes, drying time and coverage was great. These are the polishes I go for when I have little time, they often don't last so long but they apply really easy and fast :)

Have a nice day!

Purple Konad

Hey all,

My oh my, what a warm day! My cats dropped down on the floor earlier and are slacking in the same spot ever since :P I would've joined them if it wasn't for my nail polish that didn't wanna dry! Next time it's this warm I won't polish, that's for sure :)

I used Depend 159, Color Club Wild At Heart and BM plate 10. I found the image not so easy to use, because it's not straight, but it turned out ok anyways :)

Time for some yummie frozen fruit blend, laters! :)

Nubar Prevail with Konad


Today my boyfriend went home again, I just got home from the airport =(
I wasn't in the mood to go make pictures of my current mani after that (Zoya Alegra, already posted that one before as well), but I still had some older pics I didn't post yet.

This is Nubar Prevail, and it's a bit odd color. It's very dark in most light, and it has a warm purple glow to it. It's a nice color, but I wish it was more like the color it has in the bottle.
The polish is matte, and dries very fast. In fact, I think this might even be my fastest drying nail polish lol. Coverage was great, I used 2 coats here.

I added a Konad from plate m57. Michèle from Lacquerized did a mani like this, and I really liked it and wanted to give it a go, but I didn't get it as perfectly done as she did.
I tried it before with a different top coat, but that was too thin and I didn't get the image so well. This time I used Seche Vite, which is thicker, but it dried a bit too fast.
I think I'll grab an older top coat that doesn't dry as fast and leave it open for a while, so it gets thicker. Maybe that works better :P

Prevail with Konad (the bigger version you see when you click the pictures shows it better).

With top coat.

With top coat and flash. I would love a color that looks like this as well! :)

This is an even older pic, but I forgot to make a picture with just the polish last time. This one shows the color better, and how it is matte.
As you can see it's darker than my above pics show, and the warm glow shows better with top coat. I used masking tape here to add the top coat, it works better than normal tape.

Have a nice evening! :)

NOTD and skittle swatches


My boyfriend got sick and has been in bed since Tuesday evening :( Hopefully he gets well soon!
In the meantime I've been doing my nails again and also did some quick swatches. And yesterday my dotting tools arrived, I'll go try those out later I think.

My NOTD is Color Club Ultra Violet. It's a neon pink/purple color with blue flash. The color is great, but I'm not too pleased with the application.
This is 3 coats, and you still see quite a lot visible nail lines. Some parts of the white of my nails are a bit see through, and with this polish it looks like I have dirt under my nails, ew! :P It dries a bit slow as well, but Seche Vite fixed that for me.

The skittle swatches I made are from the China Glaze Romantique collection and from some Depend polishes. Depend is a drugstore brand that isn't being sold here, so I asked my bf to have a look at 2 colors of them. One they didn't have, but he bought the other one and picked out 3 more colors for me, he's such a sweetheart :)

Here are the colors, numbers from left to right: 159, 058, 05, 069.
The bottles are small, like Essence, and the brush was nice. I used 2 coats of all except the glitter one, there I used 3. The drying time was good as well.
Next time I'm visiting him I'm definately gonna buy some more! :)

The glitterpolish isn't color accurate at all, it's a light purple but with flashes of green and pink as well.
The glitter is multicolored, and that glitter is the downside of this polish. It dries up very gritty, I used Seche Vite on the pictures and you can still see it. I think it works better as layering polish, will try that sometime :)

Then the China Glaze Romantique polishes that I have. I use these mainly for stamping, they're great for that!

From left to right: Joy, Harmony, Adore, Awaken, Emotion.
All cover in just 1 layer! And they dry fast as well :)

As you can see I'm holding some handcreme which my cuticles now desperately need lol.

I like them all, but Joy is really a pretty color and great for fall/winter. Emotion was the least for me, it's pink but not the kind of pink I thought it was. On my pink nail wheel it actually looks like it has a hint of coral-ish orange mixed in. I don't have any coral or orange polishes to keep it next to, but I think it's that color a bit :P

And that's with flash.

Now, that's enough Wall of Text for now me thinks!
Enjoy your day :)

Ruby Pumps

Hey all :)

It's been a few days, because my boyfriend came over! :) He lives in another country so we don't see each other so often, but for the next week he's here again :D I'm sure you can understand that updating my blog is less important now lol, but here's a quick post anyways :)

Atm I'm wearing my favorite red, Ruby Pumps, which is a red base filled with fine red glitter.
I used 1 layer of a creme red, then 2 layers of Ruby Pumps and 1 layer top coat. Last time I used 3 layers of Ruby Pumps and no creme below it, and it chipped quite fast. So I tried the creme below it this time, which is working better.
On my pictures it shows a bit visible nail line, but it's not visible irl. I found the color a bit hard to capture, but it's a gorgeous polish! :)

I'll probably update in a few days again, take care! :)

China Glaze BFF

Hello :)

Atm I'm quite busy so I'm still wearing the mani I posted yesterday, tomorrow it's time for something else.
But I had a look at some of the first pics I made today, and found a picture of China Glaze BFF.
I love holo polish, and this one is no exception! :) It's a bit of a sweet color, until the sun comes on it and you see all the holo goodness.

As with the whole OMG collection, drying time and coverage are great!

The old pictures of my nails without the sun on them weren't color accurate, so to give you a better idea of the color I made a picture of the bottle.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Harmony Konad

Hey all,

Not so long ago I bought Konad plate m73, mainly for the cute flower design. I still hadn't used it, so it was time to change that! :)

I used 3 coats of OPI Rumple's Wiggin' and stamped it with China Glaze Harmony.

The next few days I'm quite busy, so I think this mani will last a bit longer :)

Essence Surferama


Today I'm wearing Essence Surferama, from the Surfer Babe collection.
It's a beautiful berry creme, the application was nice, and it dries fast. I used 3 coats but could've gotten away with 2. I think they did a good job on this collection! :)

I added some little rhinestones and topped it off with Catrice Nail Expert Quick Dry & High Shine (could they make that name any longer?), which I wanted to try out.
If I do a mani that I won't be wearing long, I think a cheaper top coat (or no top coat at all) works fine :)

This one applies nicely, but it got a bit bubbely on a few nails and the drying time was a bit longer. It was very thin for a top coat, which can be nice, but I wouldn't use it with all manicures or with polish like the Nubar Sparkles.

Have a nice day! :)

Nubar Brilliant

Good morning :)

Today I'm wearing Nubar Brilliant from the Prisms collection, which is a soft pink/mauve holo.
I'm not so sure about this polish, because even though it looks nice, I don't think it matches my skintone so well (see the last picture). I think I should maybe layer it on another polish :)

The application was good and it's a very shiny polish, but the holo effect is less visible (you can click the pictures for a bigger version). I needed 4 coats to prevent visible nail lines, and I found the drying time a bit slow, although that's probably because I'm spoiled by the drying time of the China Glaze holos lol.

It's a sweet color, but I need to be in the mood for that. Maybe I should add some Konad to spice things up a little :)

Glittery goodness

Hey again,

After my little pink experiment, I wanted to put on something different. My untried Nubar Violet Sparkle was screaming to me from a nailwheel "pick me, pick me!", and so I did.

This polish is a clear base packed with very pretty purple/pink glitter. Because it's made of glitter, it dries fast, but it also dries up a bit bumpy and not so shiny. So I used 3 coats and then a lot of top coat, but I don't like it so much when polish is like a thick layer on your nails.

Now I'm not too fond of Nubar's caps, and in this case, I disliked the brush as well. It wasn't a wide brush, but the hairs seemed to be very loose, so it became wide when I placed it on my nail. It was almost impossible to not paint my fingers as well, so the result at first looked, uhm, special :P

But...the color makes it all worth it, it's made of pure awesome! The sparkles are insane, especially when there's some sunshine. The purple is very bright, and the whole thing just makes you go wow :)

My pictures don't do this polish justice, and my camera is making her more blue as well. I made a whole bunch of pics, none of them managed to capture the true color. But if you like purple, if you like glitters, this is the polish for you :)

I have 2 more of these polishes, I can't wait to try them out as well! :)

Essie Splash of Grenadine with Konad fail!

Hai! :)

Recently I bought Essie Splash Of Grenadine and Angora Cardi. I didn't have any of their polishes (besides Matte About You), so last night was my first time using a polish from Essie.
I really liked the polish, the brush was nice, not too big for me, and the polish dried fast and shiny.
On the pictures it does show a tiny bit visible nail line, but irl you can't see it. I used 2 coats and no top coat here.
It's a very nice color, pink with a little bit of purple. I don't have anything alike in my stash! :)

This morning I got up early and wanted to do some more with it, and added a layer of CND Effects Amethyst Sparkle. It doesn't show so well on the picture, but I added a close-up of the effect as well.
I think it will stand out more on darker colors, but I haven't tried that yet. The CND has a nice brush too, it's easy to apply, but the drying time is a bit longer.

I decided to also add some Konad and some more sparkly stuff, and well...I shouldn't have done that :P
I was too hasty with stamping, and because of that, at some parts the Konad polish got on places where it shouldn't have been (check the top of my index, oh the horror).
I then wanted to fill up the empty spots with some Nubar Petunia Sparkle, which by the way, is a very pretty color!
Now my dotting tools are still somewhere in Hongkong I guess. And as it turns out, I lack toothpick-dottingskills, so the Nubar joined the Konad and got on the wrong places too.
To top it all off, I added a topcoat out of a half empty bottle, and I couldn't get a nice big drop on it, so the Konad polish spread even more.
I'm showing this so you can have a laugh too! :)

Even tho I found it a bit tacky, I do think I'll try it again when I have more patience and some dotting tools :)

I'm off to remove this stuff from my nails now, bye!

Moodie love


Yesterday my Claire's Calm/Wild Mood polish arrived! I like pink and purple polish, so I was eager to try this one out. What can I say, I love it!
The colors are nice, and it's fun to play with warm and cold on your nails to see the colors change :)
The application was easy, and it dried fast. It dries up a bit matte, so I used a top coat to prevent tip wear. I used 3 thin coats.

Making pictures of the colors was a bit hard at first, it was warm here yesterday so it stayed pink. After paying the freezer a visit I got some better results :P
This morning I made a few more, because it keeps on changing. So prepare for picturespam!

Fully pink when it's warm.

Pink with purple on the tips. The purple here isn't as dark as it can be, because my nails aren't so long at the moment and my fingers weren't that cold. My other hand had darker purple, but the pictures taken with my left hand failed badly lol.

I know my fingers get colder when typing, but now I can see it too! While I was typing I saw the colors change again, so off I went to make some more pictures. Right now most nails are a different color :)
As you can see there's a tiny bit off my index finger already, but luckily it's not so visible irl.

Almost as dark as they can get, isn't it a pretty color?

Here you can see how dark the purple can go.

I found a better spot to make pictures more color accurate, that's why you see my heater in the background :P Now I just need to find a smiliar spot without that!
My nails are a bit mixed color here, because I was messing with some frozen food which didn't change the color evenly, so some spots turned out darker than others.

No nails here, but something cute! While I was trying to cool off my nails yesterday, I got some curious company :) I guess this polish doesn't smell so bad, because normally they stay far away from my freshly polished nails.

Enjoy your sunday!

Polished beads and plate folder

Hey there,

Recently I decided I wanted to make something for my sister. She's very creative and likes to make jewelry as well. And since I like to use polish, I painted wooden beads with polish in colors that she likes, and then stamped some of them. Here's the result :)

I made them at my dining table, and the whole room ended up smelling like polish, eew! I also found out that sitting in polish air for long doesn't feel so nice :P
I aired the beads (and my house) for quite some time, so luckily the smell is gone now. I think they turned out great :)

And then something else, storing your image plates.
Today I read a tip of using a business card folder for your plates. I went to our local Hema, and for €2.50 I bought this one. It can hold 45 plates, or 90 if you would put 2 per space. I think it works nice :)

When I got home Claire's Calm/Wild Mood polish was waiting for me in my mailbox, so I think the mani I did yesterday won't stay on long, must try it! :)

Have a nice day!