China Glaze QT


Yesterday a package arrived with some funky shaped rhinestones, so later today I'm gonna do my nails again and probably try those out as well. It took quite some time before I got these stones, but as it turns out, the package went from Hongkong to Canada before arriving here in the Netherlands!

Today I'm waiting for another package as well, with stuff for my cats. So I'm not gonna do my nails now, because then the mailman will of course arrive while my nails are still wet :P In the meantime I have some older pics, from China Glaze QT.

I really like this polish, it's such a nice pink, ánd it's holo :D
As with all OMG polishes, drying time and coverage was great. These are the polishes I go for when I have little time, they often don't last so long but they apply really easy and fast :)

Have a nice day!