Glittery goodness

Hey again,

After my little pink experiment, I wanted to put on something different. My untried Nubar Violet Sparkle was screaming to me from a nailwheel "pick me, pick me!", and so I did.

This polish is a clear base packed with very pretty purple/pink glitter. Because it's made of glitter, it dries fast, but it also dries up a bit bumpy and not so shiny. So I used 3 coats and then a lot of top coat, but I don't like it so much when polish is like a thick layer on your nails.

Now I'm not too fond of Nubar's caps, and in this case, I disliked the brush as well. It wasn't a wide brush, but the hairs seemed to be very loose, so it became wide when I placed it on my nail. It was almost impossible to not paint my fingers as well, so the result at first looked, uhm, special :P

But...the color makes it all worth it, it's made of pure awesome! The sparkles are insane, especially when there's some sunshine. The purple is very bright, and the whole thing just makes you go wow :)

My pictures don't do this polish justice, and my camera is making her more blue as well. I made a whole bunch of pics, none of them managed to capture the true color. But if you like purple, if you like glitters, this is the polish for you :)

I have 2 more of these polishes, I can't wait to try them out as well! :)