Moodie love


Yesterday my Claire's Calm/Wild Mood polish arrived! I like pink and purple polish, so I was eager to try this one out. What can I say, I love it!
The colors are nice, and it's fun to play with warm and cold on your nails to see the colors change :)
The application was easy, and it dried fast. It dries up a bit matte, so I used a top coat to prevent tip wear. I used 3 thin coats.

Making pictures of the colors was a bit hard at first, it was warm here yesterday so it stayed pink. After paying the freezer a visit I got some better results :P
This morning I made a few more, because it keeps on changing. So prepare for picturespam!

Fully pink when it's warm.

Pink with purple on the tips. The purple here isn't as dark as it can be, because my nails aren't so long at the moment and my fingers weren't that cold. My other hand had darker purple, but the pictures taken with my left hand failed badly lol.

I know my fingers get colder when typing, but now I can see it too! While I was typing I saw the colors change again, so off I went to make some more pictures. Right now most nails are a different color :)
As you can see there's a tiny bit off my index finger already, but luckily it's not so visible irl.

Almost as dark as they can get, isn't it a pretty color?

Here you can see how dark the purple can go.

I found a better spot to make pictures more color accurate, that's why you see my heater in the background :P Now I just need to find a smiliar spot without that!
My nails are a bit mixed color here, because I was messing with some frozen food which didn't change the color evenly, so some spots turned out darker than others.

No nails here, but something cute! While I was trying to cool off my nails yesterday, I got some curious company :) I guess this polish doesn't smell so bad, because normally they stay far away from my freshly polished nails.

Enjoy your sunday!