Nubar Prevail with Konad


Today my boyfriend went home again, I just got home from the airport =(
I wasn't in the mood to go make pictures of my current mani after that (Zoya Alegra, already posted that one before as well), but I still had some older pics I didn't post yet.

This is Nubar Prevail, and it's a bit odd color. It's very dark in most light, and it has a warm purple glow to it. It's a nice color, but I wish it was more like the color it has in the bottle.
The polish is matte, and dries very fast. In fact, I think this might even be my fastest drying nail polish lol. Coverage was great, I used 2 coats here.

I added a Konad from plate m57. Michèle from Lacquerized did a mani like this, and I really liked it and wanted to give it a go, but I didn't get it as perfectly done as she did.
I tried it before with a different top coat, but that was too thin and I didn't get the image so well. This time I used Seche Vite, which is thicker, but it dried a bit too fast.
I think I'll grab an older top coat that doesn't dry as fast and leave it open for a while, so it gets thicker. Maybe that works better :P

Prevail with Konad (the bigger version you see when you click the pictures shows it better).

With top coat.

With top coat and flash. I would love a color that looks like this as well! :)

This is an even older pic, but I forgot to make a picture with just the polish last time. This one shows the color better, and how it is matte.
As you can see it's darker than my above pics show, and the warm glow shows better with top coat. I used masking tape here to add the top coat, it works better than normal tape.

Have a nice evening! :)