Polished beads and plate folder

Hey there,

Recently I decided I wanted to make something for my sister. She's very creative and likes to make jewelry as well. And since I like to use polish, I painted wooden beads with polish in colors that she likes, and then stamped some of them. Here's the result :)

I made them at my dining table, and the whole room ended up smelling like polish, eew! I also found out that sitting in polish air for long doesn't feel so nice :P
I aired the beads (and my house) for quite some time, so luckily the smell is gone now. I think they turned out great :)

And then something else, storing your image plates.
Today I read a tip of using a business card folder for your plates. I went to our local Hema, and for €2.50 I bought this one. It can hold 45 plates, or 90 if you would put 2 per space. I think it works nice :)

When I got home Claire's Calm/Wild Mood polish was waiting for me in my mailbox, so I think the mani I did yesterday won't stay on long, must try it! :)

Have a nice day!