Ruby Pumps

Hey all :)

It's been a few days, because my boyfriend came over! :) He lives in another country so we don't see each other so often, but for the next week he's here again :D I'm sure you can understand that updating my blog is less important now lol, but here's a quick post anyways :)

Atm I'm wearing my favorite red, Ruby Pumps, which is a red base filled with fine red glitter.
I used 1 layer of a creme red, then 2 layers of Ruby Pumps and 1 layer top coat. Last time I used 3 layers of Ruby Pumps and no creme below it, and it chipped quite fast. So I tried the creme below it this time, which is working better.
On my pictures it shows a bit visible nail line, but it's not visible irl. I found the color a bit hard to capture, but it's a gorgeous polish! :)

I'll probably update in a few days again, take care! :)