Some recent manicures


I'd like to share some of my recent manicures, and then I'm off to polish my currently naked nails! :)

This was China Glaze Something Sweet with nailstickers from Essence.

China Glaze Tickle My Triangle. I <3 this polish, it's pink, holo ánd shiny!

This was my first mani with no full nail image. A lot harder to get straight on all nails haha. It's OPI Rumple's Wiggin' stamped with with China Glaze Harmony, with little rhinestones. The plate I used is from Essence.

Here we have 2 Catrice polishes, From Dusk To Dawn stamped with Poison Me, Poison You!, and also some rhinestones. The plate I used is Konad m57.

Continueing my picturespam with China Glaze Tantalize Me topped with Nfu.Oh #50.

This was a mani I put on, then realized I wasn't in the mood for green, and so I took it off again :P Catrice Sold Out Forever with Essence All Access. The plate used is a Bundle Monster plate, BM19. I think it would've looked better if I used a less dark green.

And lastly, a polish from the Essence Surfer Babe collection, Hang Loose. Stamped with Konad white and black, and BM plate 04. I recently got those plates from my boyfriend, and I love them! The full nail images are unfortunately not so big tho, but there's so many images, I instant got a lot of ideas for my nails :)

Take care!