China Glaze Tickle My Triangle


Just a quick post today, because my mum is having her 25 year anniversary from her work, and I have to get ready soon and go there as well. My sister and I didn't want to bring real flowers because it's so warm and they won't last long now, so instead we made a bouquet of candy that she likes.
We made leaves out of foam sheets and put them and the candy on wooden skewers. Unfortunately some of the red candy made my fingers red as well, and I can't get it off completely lol, but the result was worth it :)

I'm wearing Zoya Alegra today, but I haven't made pictures of it yet, so instead I'll show yesterday's mani.
It's China Glaze Tickle My Triangle, a pink polish from the Kaleidoscope collection and I love it!
I'll let the pictures do the talking:

My sister also had a lightbox that she wasn't using, and brought that for me. That was really sweet :)
I have to mess around a bit with it to find the best settings for the lighting, but I think it'll be handy, especially when there's no sun.

Take care!