Nubar Purple Beach


Today I'm wearing such a strange color! Nubar Purple Beach is a purple/green duochrome with some other colors coming through as well. I used 3 coats and found the application a bit streaky, but it dried up fine. Picture spam inc!

It's an odd color, and I don't know where the beach is, but I do like it.

Here you can clearly see the green.

Most of the time it looks purple with green at the sides, like it does here. The purple is a bit more purple, but as usual, that color doesn't like being photographed.

And in the lightbox, not really color accurate. I'm not sure how the polish looks in the sun (after weeks of hot weather it's grey and rainy last few days), but I can imagine it will look a bit more like this.

I used masking tape and Essie Matte About You for this.

The line between the normal and matte doesn't show irl like it does on this picture, that's just the macro option being harsh.

Take care :)