Ozotic Pro 506


Let me start by warning you, this post will be very pic heavy. But this polish deserves it!

A while ago someone on a Dutch forum found out about the Ozotic Pro polishes, and decided to order them in Australia. She was so kind to order for some others as well, and that's how I got this awesome polish.

It's a multichrome, and looks like oil in a bottle, it's so cool! The polish itself is pretty sheer, so I decided to layer it on different colors.
I already knew it looks best on a bit darker polishes, so I didn't use any polishes that are very light. I used 2 coats of Ozotic Pro 506, 1 coat shows it good already, but I love the purple to stand out more :)

My cleanup and pictures are a bit messy, I'm sorry for that, the sun was disapearing and I wanted to have pictures of all in the sun as well. Cleanup when the polish is still wet isn't such a good idea lol.

From left to right:
H&M Mad About You, HEMA 10, Essence All Access, Essence Underwater.

Here you see the colors on my hand, in the same order as above. The brown in the background is actually woodcolor, but my camera disagreed or some :P

There we go, isn't this gorgeous?

Unfortunately I didn't manage to capture it so well, but the green one reminded me of a peacock irl :)

Yes, this is still the same polish :D

And here we have it in the sun.

Round 2:

From left to right:
Catrice Lucky In Lilac, Catrice Back To Black, Essence My Little Orchid, Catrice Poison Me, Poison You!

Same order as above again, the Essence is a bit less blue irl.

For my swatches it would probably have been better to use 1 coat, because the colors under it don't show so well on most pics. But by the time I realized that I wasn't in the mood to redo all again lol.

I like it most layered over purple, although the green one was great as well. Blue was nice too, but meh, I'm a sucker for purple :)

Take care!