Pure Petunia Konad


My NOTD is Orly Pure Petunia stamped with Color Club Revvvolution and Konad plate m51.
I didn't use Pure Petunia before, but it's a gorgeous creme and I like it a lot.
The few other Orlys that I have are more sheer than I like, but this one covered in 2 coats. Some nails could've used a slightly thicker 2nd coat. Application and drying time were fine.

This was the first time I used the plate and I didn't transfer it well on my middlefinger. But I forgot to put a layer of top coat in between so wiping it off would've wiped off some of the Orly as well, so I left it.

Pure Petunia alone, in the lightbox. This is a bit lighter than it most of the time is.

This is how dark the Orly can look.

And here's it again stamped. Even though this pic is taken in daylight, it looks darker irl.
Unfortunately the holo in Revvvolution doesn't show up in the stamping, but it does look a bit sparkly, which is nice as well.

Enjoy your day!