Subtle Konad


Today I used Essie Demure Vixen stamped with Color Club Uptown Girl and Konad plate m69.
Now I find describing colors a bit hard, so this Essie maybe wasn't the best choice :P And because "it's pretty with a purple shimmer" isn't such a great description, I'll stick to Essie's own description.

Demure Vixen is an iridescent cocoa mauve, and I used 3 coats of it. Drying time was good, and so was the application. It's a very nice color, I don't have anything alike in my stash, but unfortunately the purple shimmer doesn't show up in my pictures.

Here you can see the shimmer in the bottle, it's a little bit more purple irl.

I stamped it with a plate I hadn't used before, but because of the warm weather the thin stripes dried way too fast. I'll use this plate again when it's a bit colder :)

I liked the color combination, but most of the time this is a bit too subtle for me.

Just like the purple shimmer in the Essie, I didn't manage to capture the real color from the Color Club (mainly in the bottle). But I have to say, I didn't try that hard either, because while I was making pictures, my Nfu.Oh's arrived.
I ordered the cuticle remover and holo #64, and I couldn't wait to see that awesome holo on my nails!

Have a nice day :)