Catrice Mystic Red


Yesterday it was so dark outside that I wanted to go for a real fall color, and after a look on my nail wheels I picked this one. From most colors on my wheels I know what it is, but with this one I had no clue and had to look it up. It turned out to be an old Catrice polish called Mystic Red, and I haven't used it much at all. Now I wonder why not though, I like it! :)

I used 2 coats and a layer of top coat which really lifted up the color. The polish was a bit thick after being unused for so long, and next time I might add a few drops of thinner, but it was no problem polishing with it now either. It dried pretty fast as well.


When I made the pictures the sun popped up :) I didn't even know this polish could look so bright red, lol.

Daylight. As you can see the color varies a bit depending on the light, it can go from a deep, dark red to a brighter red.

Lightbox. I think this'll be a nice color for the Christmas period as well!

Have a nice day!

Nubar Moon Shadow


Here's another older NOTD, Nubar Moon Shadow. It's the last duochrome that I have and didn't show yet, and it's pretty! It's a warm purple/brown and has autumn written all over it.

I think I used 4 coats here, and the application was the same as most Nubar duochromes that I have, a bit thin and runny. Drying time was so-so, although I didn't give it much chance either before I threw on a layer of Seche Vite. But I should've waited a bit longer with that and clean up first, it wasn't so nice to do with so many layers :P

I'll let the pictures do the talking further :)

I'll be wearing this a lot in the coming seasons!

Take care :)

Happily Ever After & Giveaway Winner!

Hey there,

My oh my, I never expected to get this much people entering my giveaway! What a work, lol, next time I'll have a look at making a form on my page instead :P The last bunch of entries I added this morning. Unfortunately I did have to disqualify a few, but here's the winner :)

Congratulations Tara! :)

I've emailed Tara, if I don't get a reply in the next 48hrs I'll pick a new winner.

Back to nail polish. This is an older NOTD, Orly Happily Ever After from their fall '09 collection Once Upon A Time. It's a lovely polish, at first sight it's a creme but it actually has a little shimmer in it. I think this was 2 coats.

Daylight. On the top of my indexfinger you can see the shimmer a bit.

Daylight, but not near a window. The polish often looks quite dark.

Sun. Dutch people will know this is an older NOTD just because of this picture, lol.

Lightbox.The shimmer shows well in the bottle, it's really pretty :)

The weather here is crazy atm, we haven't had a lot of sun in a while now, mostly grey. But it's been raining loads yesterday and besides some small breaks, it keeps on raining. The streets are filled with water, we had more rain yesterday then we normally have in the whole month!
Hope the weather is better were you are, have a nice weekend :)



Yesterday I had a bad nail day, bleh! First I stamped not so neatly on a few nails and realized I forgot a layer of top coat on the base color, so I couldn't fix it easy. After repolishing those few, I stamped again.
Now it wasn't perfect, I find the design I used pretty hard (most polishes dry even faster than normal with those thin lines) and I can be picky, but I was happy with it.
I added a final layer of top coat, and then...the top coat started to bubble! Nooooes!

Top coat used was Catrice Quick Dry & High Shine, which I use quite often. It's not so fast drying but it's thin so it applies easy, it's shiny and cheap. It only bubbled like once before (not counting in bubbles when we had such a warm period, a lot of polish acted weird then) and that was a long time ago now, and it never bubbled this bad.

Anyways, on to the pictures. Catrice From Dusk To Dawn stamped with China Glaze Joy and Konad plate m69.

The bubbles were really bad irl and ruined the whole mani, so I took it off. I wasn't in the mood to redo it all, so I just polished with the stamping color instead. I did make pics of the mani, because I really liked it!

The bigger version shows it a bit better, but I'm sure you get the whole bubble idea anyways :P

The lightbox was so kind to pretend they weren't really there :)

And here's mani number 2, China Glaze Joy from the Romantique collection. With no top coat this time, lol.
It's an awesome color for fall, and as with all Romantiques, ideal for stamping.


Little bit of sun.


A bit later I wanted to open something, my thumb slide off the lid and my nail chipped. The whole nail hurted a bit, but luckily it was only a part of the tip that broke off. It chipped off completely, so I couldnt fix it and because I often dislike it when one of my nails is shorter, I decided to file them all down. Bah. But on the bright side, I'm pretty sure the BM plates will fit now, lol.

I have these kinda days more often, but this was quite bad. I'm sure you all have such days as well, hopefully not too often! :P

Take care :)

HEMA blue with stars


As you probably know by now, I'm a sucker for pinks and purples. But every now and then I like to try out something else, and today I went for a blue from HEMA.
Their polishes aren't named, just numbered and this is number 10. I used 2 coats and I think it's a nice, deep blue. The downside of the polish was that it gave a messy clean up, blue skin and stuff. But I have that more often with such colors, so it wasn't unexpected.

I stamped it with BM plate 05 and China Glaze Millennium, a silver that's awesome for stamping. I was a bit hasty with stamping and top coat so the stars didn't turn out as sharp edged as can be, but that's mainly visible when you're looking from up close. And knowing me this mani won't last long anyways, it feels odd to wear such a color! :P

I filed my nails down a bit, it's always nicer to type after that, lol. Next time I might go even shorter, the BM full nail images still don't fit on several nails and I'm not sure if I can get them double stamped neatly (and it would be nice to not have to file for a while :)).

Enjoy your sunday!

China Glaze TTYL


My NOTD is one of the polishes I got on the polish meet the other day. I was more in the mood for some stamping, but didn't have time for that, so instead I chose an untried polish.
So today I'm wearing China Glaze TTYL. It's a peachy holo, and I find the color a bit hmm, decent. But of course the holo adds a little something extra :)
In some light it's not too flattering for my skin tone, but still, I like it.

TTYL has the same application and drying time as the other polishes from the OMG collection, so in other words, good. I used 2 coats here.

Lightbox (yes, still with just 1 lamp :P I found a lamp with the right color, not too white, not too yellow, but that was €25,-, I'm not gonna pay that!)

Daylight. Without the holo it would still be a nice color, but then I'd add something, else it would be a bit too boring for me most of the time.

Last bit of evening sun.

And another one in the lightbox.

Have a nice day, almost weekend! :)

Savita & Amethyst Sparkle


This is an older NOTD, Zoya Savita with a layer of CND Effects Amethyst Sparkle.
Savita is a gorgeous polish from the Matte Velvet Winter '09 collection, it's a blue purple with a pink/red shimmer.

Savita's application and drying time are great. It dries like a matte, but not so fast that you can't apply it properly. I used 2 coats, and 1 coat of the CND.
The CND's application is very smooth and I find their bottle shape and the big rubbery cap great.
And I really like the subtle extra that Amethyst Sparkle gives to a polish, I'll probably buy a few more of the Effects in the future :)

I think the 2 combined looks awesome :)

Amethyst Sparkle made the shimmer in Savita stand out more, so the blue in this polish went a little bit more to the background as the lightbox shows well. The blue is still very visible in most light, but it's more purple with the CND on top.

This last picture is a bit less good, but I can't make a new one now, I'm waiting for another polish to dry at the moment :P
And I just saw that this is my 50th blog post, I didn't expect to enjoy the whole blogging thing this much! :)

Take care!

Nubar Pink Flame


Today I'm wearing another duochrome from Nubar. This one is pink/red/orange and even though the duochrome isn't as obvious as with some other duochromes, I totally LOVE this color! Yes, love in caps, I think it is thát great :)

The application was a bit meh, just like their other duochromes that I tried it was thin and a bit runny. I used 3 coats on the pics, but could've used a 4th because it shows a bit visible nail lines.
I'm not too impressed with the drying time either, but with a color like this, who cares! And quick drying top coat does the trick, so it wasn't a problem anyways.

All pics in daylight, the last in the lightbox to show the brightness a bit. The pink can also go to a bright berry kinda pink, but that doesn't show so well on my pictures.
These are colors that my bf loves as well, so next time he's coming over I know what I'll be wearing :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!

Kitten, meet and Hey Doll


Yesterday was a strange day for me, scroll down for polish talk and pics :)

First I brought Evi (my fosterkitten) back to the shelter. She was overwhelmed when she got in her new room which had lots of other cats as well, and even though she was always very interested in other cats, this was a bit much.
After soothing her a bit I left the room, but the people at the desk were busy so I went back in again. When I called for her she came to me again (she was checking it all out from under a cage). I picked her up and felt her little body being scared, she held on to me and tried to hide in my hair :(
After that I found it very hard to make her loose from my shirt and put her down again, and to leave. I know she'll be fine soon though, she wasn't completely terrified when she was alone and she's a brave little girl. It's also better for her to be there now, so she can play with other cats, get used to a lot more people and pick her new staff.
But it really feels weird seeing her room here now, and I miss her a lot at the moment. I will go back to the shelter to have a little peek at her when she feels more at home, so I can have that image in my head as last image of her instead.

After leaving Evi at the shelter, I went to a meet with some of the people from Fok! forum's nail polish topics.
I didn't know any of them (besides seeing some pics), so it was pretty scary tbh, but I'm glad I went! I had a great time and it was a nice distraction from leaving Evi.
Imagine 12 nail polish girls, loads of polish stuff, 1 guy (poor him) and a dog in an awesome garden with a bar and lovely sitting areas :) We all brought some food/drinks, and one girl made Oreo pralines, nom!
Carla from Nailpolish Fashion was there as well, she brought me some polishes I ordered with her the day before, and I also swapped a few. I was drop dead tired when I got home, but it was great, I'd definately go again and yay for new polishes!

Now, enough random talking, NOTD time!
This is one of the new polishes I got yesterday, China Glaze Hey Doll from the Vintage Vixen collection.
I thought it would be a rose kinda color, but I find it's more brownish with a rose glow. There's no sun today so I don't know what color it is then, but so far I like it :)
It's a bit calm and low profile polish, but I have such days as well and I think I'll enjoy this one in the fall.
I used 3 coats and a layer of top coat, the drying time and application were fine.



Enjoy your sunday and take care!


Hey all,

I never expected to get this much people reading my blog and commenting on my posts, you guys make blogging much more fun! :)
I want to say thank you to all of you, and decided to do a giveaway to say thanks as well.

--The giveaway is now closed!--

Have a great weekend! :)



Last week I got a mail from Martje from ** Girly Addictions ** to tell me I won her giveaway. When she reached 20 followers she let pick one, and I was totally surprised to hear it was me!
Yesterday the box arrived, it was filled with products she likes to use and last night I already had a nice footbath. Thanks a lot Martje! :)

My NOTD is Nubar Hyacinth Sparkle, a lavender glitter polish from the Nubar Sparkles collection. My first reaction after applying it was, why did I have this untried for so long? It is stunning!
Luckily the application went easier than with Petunia Sparkle and Violet Sparkle. Somehow the brush didn't get as wide so I had to do a lot less cleanup, and with this amount of glitters that's a very good thing :P
It also dried very quick, but since it's pretty much a lot of glitter with a little bit of polish, that wasn't a surprise.

This is 3 coats finished off with some top coat. I thought this would be a bit dull color, especially compared to its sisters, but on my nails it quickly showed that it isn't dull at all.

This is with flash.

It's so shiny and sparkly! And another plus for this Sparkle versus the other 2 that I have, it's easier to photograph :)

Take care!

Color Club Uptown Girl

Hey all,

My NOTD is Color Club Uptown Girl, a beautiful dusty purple creme. I'd call it an old purple, if that makes any sense :) It only needed 2 coats, had a smooth application and the drying time was fine.
I wanted to add something, and I think this is a great color to use as a base for a lot of things, but I was in the mood for something quick and easy. So I ended up using these stickers from Essence.

This is in the lightbox, with 1 lamp only.
I bought a new lamp for the broken one, but I couldn't replace it with my nails so I asked the guy in the store to do so. Everything seemed fine in the store, but when I got home I saw that it's way more yellow than the lamp that was originally in it. Now I need to go back again and get a not so yellow lamp, bleh.

This is in daylight, the actual color is in between the 2 pics. It's lighter than this, and a little bit darker than the pic above. Isn't it a lovely color?
I'm not so sure about these stickers, maybe it's because they're white and I'm more used to black ones, I dunno. But the polish is great!

Enjoy your sunday :)

OPI DS Signature


Today there's a bit of sun every now and then, so what better to wear than holo! It's even warm enough to wear my flip flops again, and waking up with sunshine is always a good start of the day :)

I choose OPI DS Signature, the other DS I recently got. It's a pink/mauve holo, and when I saw it on my nailwheel, it instantly reminded me of some of my other pink holos (no dupes). I'll probably do a comparison sometime between some pink holos.

Signature covered in 2 coats, but I added a 3rd because I don't like it when I can see light coming through my tips. It dried fast as well, and unlike most holo polishes, it dries up supershiny! As usual with holo I didn't use a top coat, but this one doesn't need it anyways. I like it when a polish feels this smooth.

I love colors like this!

In daylight, to give you an idea of the color.

Lets hope the sun lasts for a bit longer, I never get enough of holos :)

Take care!



Today my fosterkitten needs to go to the vet to get her first vaccination, then to the shelter for her chip, and she also needs to get dewormed again. So my day is filled with catstuff and I decided to do a mani that matches that. I did this one before, I just picked a different color under the stamping now.

I used OPI Rumple's Wiggin' (yes, I love that color :P) and stamped it with BM plate 04, Konad white and black. I didn't get the OPI color right, but you've seen it before (read: I'm lazy atm) and it's about the stamping now anyways :)

I know several of you also love cats so you probably know that every now and then there's a cat that's incredibly stubborn, naughty, destructive, you name it. Well, this fosterkitty is just that!
From my wallpaper to my curtains, from cables to my cats, and from my chairs to me, everything is one big toy. My cats and I disagree, but she doesn't care :') Luckily she hasn't reached my plants yet, lol.
But even though she's a handful, she of course has her cute moments too :)

This pic was taken in the lightbox, and as you can see there's shadow behind my hand. That's because i knocked over one of the lamps and it broke. The day after the kitten decided to throw it on the ground as well, so then I felt less bad about breaking it myself, it would've been broken anyways and I'm lucky the other lamp still lives :)

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day :)