Yesterday I had a bad nail day, bleh! First I stamped not so neatly on a few nails and realized I forgot a layer of top coat on the base color, so I couldn't fix it easy. After repolishing those few, I stamped again.
Now it wasn't perfect, I find the design I used pretty hard (most polishes dry even faster than normal with those thin lines) and I can be picky, but I was happy with it.
I added a final layer of top coat, and then...the top coat started to bubble! Nooooes!

Top coat used was Catrice Quick Dry & High Shine, which I use quite often. It's not so fast drying but it's thin so it applies easy, it's shiny and cheap. It only bubbled like once before (not counting in bubbles when we had such a warm period, a lot of polish acted weird then) and that was a long time ago now, and it never bubbled this bad.

Anyways, on to the pictures. Catrice From Dusk To Dawn stamped with China Glaze Joy and Konad plate m69.

The bubbles were really bad irl and ruined the whole mani, so I took it off. I wasn't in the mood to redo it all, so I just polished with the stamping color instead. I did make pics of the mani, because I really liked it!

The bigger version shows it a bit better, but I'm sure you get the whole bubble idea anyways :P

The lightbox was so kind to pretend they weren't really there :)

And here's mani number 2, China Glaze Joy from the Romantique collection. With no top coat this time, lol.
It's an awesome color for fall, and as with all Romantiques, ideal for stamping.


Little bit of sun.


A bit later I wanted to open something, my thumb slide off the lid and my nail chipped. The whole nail hurted a bit, but luckily it was only a part of the tip that broke off. It chipped off completely, so I couldnt fix it and because I often dislike it when one of my nails is shorter, I decided to file them all down. Bah. But on the bright side, I'm pretty sure the BM plates will fit now, lol.

I have these kinda days more often, but this was quite bad. I'm sure you all have such days as well, hopefully not too often! :P

Take care :)