Catrice Mystic Red


Yesterday it was so dark outside that I wanted to go for a real fall color, and after a look on my nail wheels I picked this one. From most colors on my wheels I know what it is, but with this one I had no clue and had to look it up. It turned out to be an old Catrice polish called Mystic Red, and I haven't used it much at all. Now I wonder why not though, I like it! :)

I used 2 coats and a layer of top coat which really lifted up the color. The polish was a bit thick after being unused for so long, and next time I might add a few drops of thinner, but it was no problem polishing with it now either. It dried pretty fast as well.


When I made the pictures the sun popped up :) I didn't even know this polish could look so bright red, lol.

Daylight. As you can see the color varies a bit depending on the light, it can go from a deep, dark red to a brighter red.

Lightbox. I think this'll be a nice color for the Christmas period as well!

Have a nice day!