China Glaze TTYL


My NOTD is one of the polishes I got on the polish meet the other day. I was more in the mood for some stamping, but didn't have time for that, so instead I chose an untried polish.
So today I'm wearing China Glaze TTYL. It's a peachy holo, and I find the color a bit hmm, decent. But of course the holo adds a little something extra :)
In some light it's not too flattering for my skin tone, but still, I like it.

TTYL has the same application and drying time as the other polishes from the OMG collection, so in other words, good. I used 2 coats here.

Lightbox (yes, still with just 1 lamp :P I found a lamp with the right color, not too white, not too yellow, but that was €25,-, I'm not gonna pay that!)

Daylight. Without the holo it would still be a nice color, but then I'd add something, else it would be a bit too boring for me most of the time.

Last bit of evening sun.

And another one in the lightbox.

Have a nice day, almost weekend! :)