Today my fosterkitten needs to go to the vet to get her first vaccination, then to the shelter for her chip, and she also needs to get dewormed again. So my day is filled with catstuff and I decided to do a mani that matches that. I did this one before, I just picked a different color under the stamping now.

I used OPI Rumple's Wiggin' (yes, I love that color :P) and stamped it with BM plate 04, Konad white and black. I didn't get the OPI color right, but you've seen it before (read: I'm lazy atm) and it's about the stamping now anyways :)

I know several of you also love cats so you probably know that every now and then there's a cat that's incredibly stubborn, naughty, destructive, you name it. Well, this fosterkitty is just that!
From my wallpaper to my curtains, from cables to my cats, and from my chairs to me, everything is one big toy. My cats and I disagree, but she doesn't care :') Luckily she hasn't reached my plants yet, lol.
But even though she's a handful, she of course has her cute moments too :)

This pic was taken in the lightbox, and as you can see there's shadow behind my hand. That's because i knocked over one of the lamps and it broke. The day after the kitten decided to throw it on the ground as well, so then I felt less bad about breaking it myself, it would've been broken anyways and I'm lucky the other lamp still lives :)

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day :)