Nfu.Oh #34 - Review

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When I hear Nfu.Oh I think of flakies, holographic polishes and cuticle remover, and I think that's the case for most people. But they have other products as well, and Nfu.Oh Nederland kindly send me a polish and a Cuticle Flower Oil for review.

The polish that they send is Nfu.Oh #34, a sheer lavender/pink shimmer polish with pink micro glitter in it.
I prefer polishes that give a full coverage, this one won't do that, but the color in the bottle is right up my alley. It seemed ideal for layering so I took 2 colors that matched nice with it, and layered it on that.

From left to right: China Glaze Something Sweet, Nfu.Oh #34, OPI Rumple's Wiggin', Nfu.Oh Cuticle Flower Oil.

Index = OPI with 1 coat Nfu.Oh.
Middle =  China Glaze with 1 coat Nfu.Oh.
Ring = OPI with 2 coats Nfu.Oh.
Pinkie = China Glaze with 2 coats Nfu.Oh.

The application was nice, I like the brush because it's not too wide for me. Drying time was good.

Both pictures are taken in the lightbox, it gave the most color accurate pictures with this polish. As always you can click the pictures for a bit bigger version that show the glitter better.

The Cuticle Flower Oil that I got was with rose fragrance, and it has little red flowers in the bottle, so cute!
It really smells strongly like roses, I found out that applying it before eating isn't the smartest thing to do, lol.
The oil is very thin, so you need just a little bit and I think this bottle will last me very long.
What I find the downside of oils is that my skin doesn't take it in as well as a cream, so I did wash my hands after a while.
It did make my cuticles soft, and the scent of flowers lasted really long. I used it before dinner and the next morning I still had a light scent around my fingers.

You can order Nfu.Oh in online stores like Nfu.Oh Nederland. They sell the Cuticle Flower Oils for €8,55 and for their polishes you pay between €7,97 and €8,29.

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