Nubar Pink Flame


Today I'm wearing another duochrome from Nubar. This one is pink/red/orange and even though the duochrome isn't as obvious as with some other duochromes, I totally LOVE this color! Yes, love in caps, I think it is thát great :)

The application was a bit meh, just like their other duochromes that I tried it was thin and a bit runny. I used 3 coats on the pics, but could've used a 4th because it shows a bit visible nail lines.
I'm not too impressed with the drying time either, but with a color like this, who cares! And quick drying top coat does the trick, so it wasn't a problem anyways.

All pics in daylight, the last in the lightbox to show the brightness a bit. The pink can also go to a bright berry kinda pink, but that doesn't show so well on my pictures.
These are colors that my bf loves as well, so next time he's coming over I know what I'll be wearing :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!