OPI DS Signature


Today there's a bit of sun every now and then, so what better to wear than holo! It's even warm enough to wear my flip flops again, and waking up with sunshine is always a good start of the day :)

I choose OPI DS Signature, the other DS I recently got. It's a pink/mauve holo, and when I saw it on my nailwheel, it instantly reminded me of some of my other pink holos (no dupes). I'll probably do a comparison sometime between some pink holos.

Signature covered in 2 coats, but I added a 3rd because I don't like it when I can see light coming through my tips. It dried fast as well, and unlike most holo polishes, it dries up supershiny! As usual with holo I didn't use a top coat, but this one doesn't need it anyways. I like it when a polish feels this smooth.

I love colors like this!

In daylight, to give you an idea of the color.

Lets hope the sun lasts for a bit longer, I never get enough of holos :)

Take care!