Last week I got a mail from Martje from ** Girly Addictions ** to tell me I won her giveaway. When she reached 20 followers she let pick one, and I was totally surprised to hear it was me!
Yesterday the box arrived, it was filled with products she likes to use and last night I already had a nice footbath. Thanks a lot Martje! :)

My NOTD is Nubar Hyacinth Sparkle, a lavender glitter polish from the Nubar Sparkles collection. My first reaction after applying it was, why did I have this untried for so long? It is stunning!
Luckily the application went easier than with Petunia Sparkle and Violet Sparkle. Somehow the brush didn't get as wide so I had to do a lot less cleanup, and with this amount of glitters that's a very good thing :P
It also dried very quick, but since it's pretty much a lot of glitter with a little bit of polish, that wasn't a surprise.

This is 3 coats finished off with some top coat. I thought this would be a bit dull color, especially compared to its sisters, but on my nails it quickly showed that it isn't dull at all.

This is with flash.

It's so shiny and sparkly! And another plus for this Sparkle versus the other 2 that I have, it's easier to photograph :)

Take care!