Today I wanted to show you Essie Angora Cardi, but my camera seems to think that all batteries I put in it, are empty. Not sure what's up with that, the batteries I tried should be supported, but I'll try a different kind tomorrow and hopefully I can get it sorted without having to turn it in for repair. It's a pretty new cam and I got warranty, but still, this sucks! :(

I don't have any old mani pics to show you in the meantime, so instead I'll just make you go ohh and ahh with the fosterkitties. They're all better now (the eyes of the red/white one look normal now as well) and should go up for adoption on Saturday :) I'm gonna miss these little balls of cute!

Aren't they adorable? <3

Hope I can post polish soon again, in the meantime, take care!

China Glaze OMG


I'm quite busy atm and I don't really have time to do my nails either, so here's a quick post with another old mani.
This was China Glaze OMG from the OMG collection, and I think I used 3 coats. It's a nice polish, but silver ain't a color I wear much at all, so this has to be one of my least favo colors from the OMG collection.

The sun wasn't around for long so I made some pics in the lightbox as well.

Hope you have a nice day, take care! :)

OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry


Right now I'm wearing Nubar Brilliant so today I have an older mani for you, OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry of the Hong Kong collection of spring '10.
I think it's a nice color, not sure how to describe it though :P But I find it a bit of a calm color, and it matches nicely with fall. I used 3 coats and some top coat.

It actually has sparkles in different colors, which this pic shows a bit (you can click it for a bit bigger version).

Take care and enjoy the weekend! :)

Models Own Lilac Fantasy


Have you ever ordered a nail polish, thinking it'll be great, and then when it arrives it just isn't what you were hoping for? Models Own Lilac Fantasy was one of those polishes for me.
I recently got this polish, and it instantly reminded me of Essie Huckle Buckle but then a bit less blue, more of a faded purple/grey. It looked very nice, don't get me wrong, but I think Huckle Buckle is a great color and I prefer that one.

When I added Lilac Fantasy to my nail wheel, it turned out to be a thin, sheer polish, yikes! I managed to get almost full coverage but that was so many layers, I'd never use so much on my own nails.
Today I gave it a go on my nails and tried to build it on it's own, but quickly gave up and polished my nails with 3 coats of OPI Rumple's Wiggin'. To that I added 2 coats of Lilac Fantasy, and finished it with a layer of Seche Vite.
I added the top coat more than 1 1/2 hour ago and I can easy make dents in it still, and the mani looks thicker than I'd like. But all in all it's not a terribad polish though, if you like sheers I think this can be a nice one, and it dries a lot faster on it's own as well.

My pictures aren't showing the purple shimmer good at all, but you can see it a bit in the bottle. Right now I kinda had it with this mani, so I'm not in the mood to make more pictures either :P
But I'll try this over a different color sometime, so hopefully I can capture the shimmer better then.

Have a nice day :)

Catrice Spruced Up


This weekend I didn't have so much time for my nails after all, so this post is a bit later than I planned.
I used Catrice Spruced Up from the Expect The Unexpected collection, a gorgeous dark teal that looks green in some light. It's normally not my kinda color, so I dunno why, but I love this one!
It only needed 2 coats and the application was nice, as it is most of the times with Catrice.

I wanted to do some more than just polishing this weekend, but when I finally found the time, I lacked inspiration. But my mum and sister went shopping this weekend, and they found 4 plates from Essence and bought them for me <3
Their plates aren't numbered, but it was one of the rectangular shaped plates that I used with Color Club Revvvolution as stamping polish. It's a fast and simple mani, I just randomly stamped the image.

My indexnail is a bit damaged at the tip, I was too hasty with doing house chores, but luckily it doesn't show so well irl.

This picture shows a bit better how dark the polish can look.

And as you can see here, I had some company while making these pics.

My cats are doing fine, although the one showing her paw here is a bit less happy with the kittens right now. They respect her, but when they're flying through the house as one big ball of fur, they don't have time to see if they're in her space :P The kittens are doing better, I still need to give meds, and for one of them it's still needed for his eye. He's getting very tired of me and the eye salve now, poor thing :(
The scared one does better as well, not in all rooms of the house yet but in the living room she's not so scared anymore, which is great to see. When she's all ok with this room she gets to go to a new room and then I can start with showing her that I'm not scary in that room either.
Hopefully his eye will heal, then they can get their shots this friday and go up for adoption the week after.

Thanks for stopping by!

China Glaze Stella


Today I'm wearing China Glaze Stella, a beautiful red-based purple which I think really suits well with our current weather. I used 3 coats and a layer of Seche Vite, Stella was drying a bit slower than I'd like but the top coat worked great as always.

This weekend I hope to do some more with my nails than just polishing them, I bought several polishes of the new Catrice and Essence collections, and they're cremes which I find ideal to do something extra with :)
Last week I didn't really have the energy for it, the kittens are sick and need medication now. One of them also needed meds during the night, so for several nights I slept bad and couldn't catch up during the day.
Last night it wasn't needed anymore, and I slept 10 hours straight and might go for a nap later, lol. I feel great now after some proper sleep and am thinking of a mani, but with several new polishes, what color to pick! :P
The kittens still need medication for another week, but they're much better now and one is running around like crazy now going prr (like Simon's cat <3) the whole time, too cute!

Take care :)

W.I.C. Amsterdam and Kingston - Review


Today I'm showing 2 World Inspired Colours, which were kindly send to me for review by Herôme.
The polishes that they send me are Amsterdam and Kingston, and that was a nice surprise because I didn't know W.I.C. also had a holographic polish!
The application on both was very smooth, and I really liked the brush. It's a flat brush which isn't too wide or too small, just right for my nails. The drying time was fine too.

Amsterdam is the color red that I think of when I think of red, it's bright, in your face, sexy and shiny. And I don't think any other color would've matched Amsterdam better :)
Unfortunately my camera thinks this polish looks better when it's a bit lighter, so just imagine it a bit deeper red.
I used 3 coats and no top coat, 2 was enough irl but the macro option is harsh on showing visible nail lines, so I added a 3rd for the pictures.

The polishes came with little bags that I think are nice when you give a W.I.C. polish as a pressie to someone, it adds a little something extra.

Kingston is a golden-ish beige holographic and I used 2 coats here, without top coat. With some holo polishes it's easy to pull bald spots in previous layers, but I didn't have that problem with this polish, and it dried up pretty shiny. The holo is more visible irl, it seems my camera is having a bad day!

The W.I.C. polishes cost €7,50 for 1, and €12,50 for 2. You can buy them in stores or in their webshop.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice day :)

The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy.

Models Own Purple Grey


Just a short post, having a headache and I'm gonna slack in bed soon.
Today I'm wearing Models Own Purple Grey, which is my first Models Own polish. I found it a bit thick but it dried pretty fast and I only needed 2 coats, I didn't use a top coat on my pics.
I like the color a lot, and I think it's gonna be great to stamp on as well!

Take care!

Essence Choose Me!


I wanted this color for quite some time now, but because blue polish usually ends up being barely used by me and the brands that had the polish are more expensive, I didn't buy it.
But every time I saw a picture, it got me doubting again. And then Essence added some new polishes to their collection, including this one!

When I heard that they added it checked the store a few times, but every time it wasn't there. Yesterday I checked again, it wasn't there, but there was a dark teal-ish glitter that looked nice too. I bought it and to my surprise the lighting in the store turned out to be really off, it was actually this color that I wanted to get :)

So here it is, Essence Choose Me! I used 3 coats and a layer of top coat. The only downside was the cleanup, some of my cuticles went a bit blue, lol. So next time I won't just slap it on but will be very neat with my application :P

Enjoy your evening!

Kitty stuff!


My previous fosterkitty Evi got a new home, and I heard she's doing good :) And last saturday I got 2 new fosterkitties, they are totally adorable! My bf and I are going 'Ohh' and 'Ahh' all day long, lol.
They're a bit sick though, and especially the older one is pretty unsocialized, so I hope they get well soon without me having to drag them to the very scary car and vet!
Because of them this post is a bit later than planned, but here is a mani to go with it :P

I used HEMA 08 and stamped it with Konad black and plate m57, and colored it in with a dotting tool and Catrice Bronzed Brown. I prefer the previous tigermani over this, but I liked this one as well :)

Next week I'll have more time to check all your blogs again, and update mine more often. I got a bunch of new polishes waiting too :)

Take care!

We'll Always Have Paris Suede


My bf is flying over today, and I'm having a nasty cold, bah! Last time he was here he was sick most of the days, and then we finally see each other again and now I'm not feeling well at all. It sucks! (But on the bright side, it is kinda handy to have someone around to make me cups of tea and all, lol)

So today I'm doing just a quick post with an older NOTD, OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede.
I used 2 coats here and it dries really fast, but not so fast that you can't apply it properly. Unfortunately the suedes chip fast as well, but sandwiching them with a layer of topcoat in between works nicely.

The pictures in the lightbox are most color accurate.

And here I added some top coat to make it all shiny!

Have a nice weekend :)



My NOTD is Catrice Spiced Bronze from their Caramé collection, stamped with Konad plate m57 and Konad black polish.
The Catrice polish covered in 2 coats and really looks awesome in sunlight (and of course there was no sunlight when I made pics, lol). The mani is a bit tacky I think, but I love it :)

Isn't the color awesome with the light on it? Rawr! =)

My boyfriend is flying over this weekend again, yay! So in the next few days I'm a bit busy, and after that I'll be pretty much AFK the whole time, but I do have some posts ready so will post sometime next week again.

Take care :)