Catrice Spruced Up


This weekend I didn't have so much time for my nails after all, so this post is a bit later than I planned.
I used Catrice Spruced Up from the Expect The Unexpected collection, a gorgeous dark teal that looks green in some light. It's normally not my kinda color, so I dunno why, but I love this one!
It only needed 2 coats and the application was nice, as it is most of the times with Catrice.

I wanted to do some more than just polishing this weekend, but when I finally found the time, I lacked inspiration. But my mum and sister went shopping this weekend, and they found 4 plates from Essence and bought them for me <3
Their plates aren't numbered, but it was one of the rectangular shaped plates that I used with Color Club Revvvolution as stamping polish. It's a fast and simple mani, I just randomly stamped the image.

My indexnail is a bit damaged at the tip, I was too hasty with doing house chores, but luckily it doesn't show so well irl.

This picture shows a bit better how dark the polish can look.

And as you can see here, I had some company while making these pics.

My cats are doing fine, although the one showing her paw here is a bit less happy with the kittens right now. They respect her, but when they're flying through the house as one big ball of fur, they don't have time to see if they're in her space :P The kittens are doing better, I still need to give meds, and for one of them it's still needed for his eye. He's getting very tired of me and the eye salve now, poor thing :(
The scared one does better as well, not in all rooms of the house yet but in the living room she's not so scared anymore, which is great to see. When she's all ok with this room she gets to go to a new room and then I can start with showing her that I'm not scary in that room either.
Hopefully his eye will heal, then they can get their shots this friday and go up for adoption the week after.

Thanks for stopping by!