China Glaze Stella


Today I'm wearing China Glaze Stella, a beautiful red-based purple which I think really suits well with our current weather. I used 3 coats and a layer of Seche Vite, Stella was drying a bit slower than I'd like but the top coat worked great as always.

This weekend I hope to do some more with my nails than just polishing them, I bought several polishes of the new Catrice and Essence collections, and they're cremes which I find ideal to do something extra with :)
Last week I didn't really have the energy for it, the kittens are sick and need medication now. One of them also needed meds during the night, so for several nights I slept bad and couldn't catch up during the day.
Last night it wasn't needed anymore, and I slept 10 hours straight and might go for a nap later, lol. I feel great now after some proper sleep and am thinking of a mani, but with several new polishes, what color to pick! :P
The kittens still need medication for another week, but they're much better now and one is running around like crazy now going prr (like Simon's cat <3) the whole time, too cute!

Take care :)