Essence Choose Me!


I wanted this color for quite some time now, but because blue polish usually ends up being barely used by me and the brands that had the polish are more expensive, I didn't buy it.
But every time I saw a picture, it got me doubting again. And then Essence added some new polishes to their collection, including this one!

When I heard that they added it checked the store a few times, but every time it wasn't there. Yesterday I checked again, it wasn't there, but there was a dark teal-ish glitter that looked nice too. I bought it and to my surprise the lighting in the store turned out to be really off, it was actually this color that I wanted to get :)

So here it is, Essence Choose Me! I used 3 coats and a layer of top coat. The only downside was the cleanup, some of my cuticles went a bit blue, lol. So next time I won't just slap it on but will be very neat with my application :P

Enjoy your evening!