Catrice Dark Lavender


My camera seems to have an issue with certain batteries, even though they should be supported. Not sure what's the problem with that, but oh well, with different batteries it works again :) If I knew in advance I'd use the camera so much I would've spend a bit more to get one without batteries :P

Today I'm wearing an older Catrice polish, Dark Lavender. I don't find it a dark lavender color really, but it's pretty anyways :)
The application was a bit so-so, the polish was a bit thin and runny, especially the first layer. I guess it's because it's an older polish. I used 2 coats and no top coat on my pictures, because I didn't have enough time for a top coat. The polish dried pretty slow and my Seche Vite is pretty much empty, so I had to wait for it to dry.

Irl you see more clear that it's a red purple, and sometimes it even looks a little bit chocolaty brown.

This picture shows the color of the red glow better.

Making the pictures was quite challenging as you can see, my camera has a wristbandthingie hanging from it and that was spotted by one of the kitties. My hand often got poked as well, so I ended up with several failed pics of blurry nails and some red/white fur on it, lol :)
The kitties were supposed to go back yesterday, but the shelter is very full right now so they're staying for another week. But today there's an open day in the shelter (every year around 4 October) and hopefully a lot of animals will find a new home!

Enjoy your Sunday! :)