Catrice Purposely Purple


Today I'm still wearing Catrice Purposely Purple from their Expect The Unexpected collection, and it's really a purple! But it's the kind of purple that my camera instant shows as blue, so yeah, you'll just have to imagine it more purple :P If it's better weather I might try to capture it again someday, but I guess it'll always be a bit too blue on my pics.

I used 2 coats, and no top coat. It's on my nails since Thursday, that's why there's a little bit tipwear. The application and drying time were great, and even though it's not really an original color, it's still a nice purple. I think I'll wear it more often, but next time I'd add some stamping or so.

This one is most color accurate from the 3 pics, but still a little bit too blue.

Some of you asked for a picture of my kitten, so here he is, slacking in a basket right now :) It's the same kitten as on the pictures in this post, just a bit larger and darker now.
I got him when he was 7 weeks old and oh so tiny and skinny, he stayed here for 5 weeks to get all healthy. After those 5 weeks he and Kyra (the other foster kitten on the previous pics) went back to the shelter, but a few days later I couldn't resist anymore and I went to pick him up again <3 Kyra didn't match so well with my other 2 cats and she's still in the shelter right now, but the last news was that she's doing pretty well luckily.

As you can see he's not as tiny anymore, and by looking at his front paws I suspected he'd get big. But yesterday we went to the vet for his second shot, and it turns out he's quite a bit bigger than I thought already (I stopped checking his weight after he reached a healthy weight).
For a kitten his age they keep an average weight of 1.4kg, he's in perfect condition but 2.5kg already! Oh my, I wonder if my house will be big enough in a while, lol.

He's washing his paw here :)

Have a great weekend!