Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics - Review


The mailman came with a package the other day and he said it smelled. I didn't know what it was, but I was pretty sure a smelly package had to be a broken polish, and unfortunately it was :( That was my first polish that didn't make it, hopefully it was the last as well :P
The package was from Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics, who kindly send me some polishes for review.

Here's some of the info that was send along in a note:
"All of our polishes are 3Free. It is a healthier nailpolish.
The branding behind them is targeted at woman who have busy lives (whether they are focussed on family, business or community) and need to sometimes slow down and have a laugh.
My names are cheeky and ment to be laughed at. I like to think of Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics as "quality with a giggle". The polish is a treat for your hands."

The polishes come with a cute little card with a small text on it. The cards also got covered in polish so no pictures of them, but the ones I got were:
"Remember make-up protects your face from everyday pollution - so slap it on"
"They never said inner beauty would get you laid"
"They may make fun of your outfit today, but they will be wearing it two years from now"
"Be as kinky as a cheap garden hose"
I found the polish names and these little cards a bit tacky, but in a funny way :)

There was also a cute little pink nailfile from CMC in the package, but I only use glass nailfiles so besides that it's cute and pink, I can't say much about it :P

Now, on to the polishes! All pics are without top coat.

The first one is Get Wet, a light blue/green creme. I used 3 coats for the pics, but 2 slightly thicker coats would've been enough. And surprisingly, it didn't make my hands so lobstery even though it's a bit green as well. Depending on the light it looks slightly more green or blue.
Oh, and I'm holding my basecoat because the bottles didn't like being cleaned with remover with acetone >.<

The next one is Tease, another creme which is a purple-ish grey. It covered in 2 coats. I like this one best of the 3, because I find grey nice but not so complimentary for my skintone, but with the purple in it I think it looks better. And purple is always good :P Again, depending on the light it looks more grey or purple.

And the last one, Booty Call. It's a very dark, red-based purple shimmer, and covered in 2 coats. It was almost a 1-coater so I'll try to stamp with it sometime. It'a bit less black than it is on my pics (the light wasn't working along for this one), but still very dark purple.
The wierd spots on the cap of the bottle and the missing text are from cleaning it.

All 3 polishes were a bit thin, but not runny, and the cremes weren't streaky at all :) The application was nice, the brush is pretty small but not too small to get annoying. The drying time on the cremes was a bit slower, but Booty Call's drying time was good.

You can buy these polishes at the CMC website, and for the Dutch people, Boozyshop sells them as well.
The prices in these webshops are $15.00/€14.95 for 15ML.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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