China Glaze 'Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice - Part II - Review

Hey all,

Another pic heavy post today, part II of the 'Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice collection from China Glaze :)
Like yesterday, I didn't use top coat on the pictures unless mentionned, and the description of the colors is from China Glaze.

Jolly Holly: Forest green shimmer.

This was 2 coats. Another possible stamping polish I think.

Naughty and Nice: Deeply rich wine crème.

I used 3 coats to even things out, but I think 2 would've shown the color better. It's very dark from itself, but it seems almost black now. The lightbox pic shows the color a bit better in the bottle. I might redo this one sometime but with 2 layers, and try to apply it more even instead.

Midnight Kiss: Gold shimmer.

Another 2 coater. And another polish that I think will work for stamping.

Phat Santa
: Red crème.

I used 3 coats for this one. It shows some VNL on my pics, but not irl. It's darker than Ruby Deer, and they're both nice, but I like this one more.

Snow: White crème.

I used 3 coats, 2 would've worked as well but I was hasty and dragged some spots in the previous layer. One of the colors in the collection that doesn't match my skintone so well, but I think it could be great as base for nailart.

Party Hearty: Green, gold and red chunky glitter.

It's a layering polish, but I wanted to try to reach full coverage as well. I suggest you don't try this at home :P
Especially for the first layer I couldn't really polish with it because of the amount and size of the glitters. It was more placing the glitters on my nails, trying to cover all spots. I used 4 coats and a thick layer of top coat.
Now, where did I leave my aluminium foil :')

Here's how it looks layered, which I find much prettier. I don't think nailpolish can get more xmas-y than this!

I used 2 coats of Party Hearty with top coat on: Snow (pink), Jolly Holly (ring), Phat Santa (middle) and Midnight Kiss (index).

Mrs. Claus: Red glitter.

This is 3 coats, with top coat. I have to disagree with the description here, I find it more of a pink/red jelly with silver glitter.

Sugar Plums: Plum shimmer.

This is 2 coats, with top coat. Because of the holographic glitter in it, it got a bit gritty and it really needed the top coat.

The application from the whole collection was very smooth, almost all polishes were pretty thin but not runny, and had good coverage. The only polishes I had more issues with were Frosty, Mrs. Claus and Party Hearty, those were a bit more goopy.
I think China Glaze really did well on the theme, and the collection got some polishes for most people. There's some in your face polishes, some are more calm (not the word I was looking for but I'm sure you get my point), and they're all suited for the holidays.
I have no idea which one to choose myself, but I'm gonna ask anyways, which one is your favorite? :)

I'm gonna go give my nails and cuticles some much needed TLC after 2 days of polish, remover and glitterscrubs :P
Have a nice day!

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