HEMA Metallic Grey


The other day I was in our local HEMA and they had some polishes that are new I think. It's Metallic polish in purple, green, blue and grey, and today I'm wearing the grey one.
It applied easy and it covered in 2 coats, but it did need a top coat because the finish wasn't as smooth as I'd like. I used 2 coats of Nubar Diamont, I'm not too crazy about this top coat but I haven't bought new Seche Vite yet. I might add a 3rd coat later, the Nubar is so thin that it's still not fully smooth (I thought Diamont was also a thicker top coat when I bought it).
I think this polish might look awesome with a matte top coat as well, have to try that sometime!
The cleanup was a bit messy, tiny bits of silver everywhere, lol :P

Friday my foster kittens went back to the shelter, and I missed them loads. Both of them weren't doing well there at all, especially Kyra (the tricolor) has a very hard time adjusting. Unfortunately she lived outside with wild cats for the first 12 weeks of her life, which doesn't help of course. It took me a long time to make her trust me a bit more, and now she's back to being a terrified cat :(
I feel horrible about it, and if I had a big house there would be space for her here. But she and my cats aren't such a great match and then a house is quickly too small. I sooo hope she finds a patient, calm and loving owner soon, she needs and deserves it so badly!

The red/white kitten adjusted much better in my house, and seemed to be pretty good with my cats too. Besides that, I fell in love with that little muppet, and I doubted the whole weekend. I guess you already know where this is going :)
Yesterday I went to pick him up again, and even though that means I won't be fostering anymore anytime soon (I want all cats to have enough space, a few more kittens would be too much), I am so happy right now! And so is he, lol, I've never seen a cat as happy as he was when he got home again :)
When I got the kittens my bf adored him straight away, and I let him pick a name for him. So right now he's named Buster, and he might keep that name but maybe I'm gonna name him myself like I did with all my animals so far. I'm not sure yet, but I do know I made the right decision by adopting him :)

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