Catrice Absolutely Chinchilly!


Absolutely Chinchilly! is one of the latest Catrice polishes, I'd say it's a bit of a mix between grey and brown. I thought I would love it, but hmm I'm still not sure. I think it maybe just doesn't work so well with my skintone, although on the pics it doesn't look that bad.
I planned on adding some black stamping or stickers or some to spice it up a little, but I doubted so much over the color that I didn't even add a top coat :P I'll probably try that some other time though.
I used 3 thin coats here.

Not the best pic (give decent light already! >.<) but it shows the darker side of it a bit better.

I'll think I'm gonna have a look at a different way to comment on my blog soon, so if it's acting wierd or looking strange you know why :P

Take care!