China Glaze DV8


Today it's pretty cold, and there's a chilly wind... But! There's quite a bit on sunlight as well. And what does a polishlover think of when the sun is shining? Right, holo of course! :)
So today I'm wearing the last polish of the OMG collection that I have but didn't show yet. DV8, which is a gorgeous teal holo.
The application was smooth as with all OMGs, just 2 coats was enough and the drying time was win as well. The only thing with this polish now was that all my pictures turned out good, lol. I always make quite a few pictures, and especially with the grey weather lately I'm trigger happy with making pics. So picking just a few now wasn't easy! :)

I hope you have some nice sunny weather as well, it always cheers me up :)
Take care!