Today I'm wearing an older polish that I barely used before because it needed so many coats and dried so slow. But after being unused for a while the polish got a bit thicker and that helped luckily.
So here's HEMA Long Lasting number 83. I used 3 coats and a layer of top coat. I like the color, but it's a bit boring and I'm not too fond of the finish of the polish.

The VNL showing here isn't visible irl. If you're wondering what the white corner is on the pic, see next pic...

It's the corner of a basket for the cats :) I haven't found a better spot for making pics yet, so that corner sneaks into more pics :P I could hang the basket somewhere else of course, but knowing them, they won't find it interesting anymore then, lol.
The polish color on my nails is way too light here, but the color in the bottle is quite accurate. Couldn't make a better picture cause little miss in the basket started to look more and more grumpy :)

Here you can see the warm, golden-ish glow that sometimes pops up.

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day :)