Sally Hansen Purple Potion


One of our drugstores started selling some Sally Hansen polishes, I didn't know that so that was a nice surprise when I was there :) Untill I saw the price... €8,-! I find that pretty expensive for a polish and as far as I know, they're a lot cheaper in the US. So even though there were some more colors that got my attention, I just bought this one to try it out first.

The polish applied soso, very easy to flood my cuticles with it, and the drying time wasn't that impressive either. The color is awesome though :) Sometimes it looks a bit more purple (which as usual my camera disliked, lol), other times the blue stands out more. I used 3 coats, no top coat yet.

I would like some more Sally Hansen polish, but next time I'd try to swap some instead.

Have a nice weekend and take care :)