Subtle Rozes

My NOTD is Models Own Purple Grey stamped with China Glaze Joy and Konad plate m65. I had a look at my nail wheels for a nice match with the Models Own and saw there's quite a few colors that can go with it, I think it's a great base color for stamping. Today I ended up with Joy because I like the warm glow it has. The result is pretty subtle, but I like it and wonder why I didn't use this image before :)

My camera was being annoying today, some pictures even turned out blue, yikes! Hope that's a one-time thing!

Take care :)

Grey/Blue Mani

Today I'm wearing Catrice Looking Greyt, stamped with Konad plate m65 and China Glaze Little Drummer Boy. The Catrice covered in 1 coat, but as always I used 2 anyways.
At first I planned on adding some rhinestones as well, it's been a while since I used those, but after the stamping I didn't think this mani needed anything more. I really like how it turned out! :)

Here you can see the nice shimmer in the China Glaze better, I love to stamp with shimmer polishes :)

My blog isn't fully how I want it yet, but I'm quite pleased with the result so far. The new marking on my images is in the same font as my header, but it feels a bit odd though. I foresee some more changes :P If you have any suggestions or comments I'd love to hear them :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Kelier purple crackle - Review


Wooo I changed my blog, from a standard template to pick-your-own-colors. Not as fancy with shading and stuff and I think it'll take some time for me to get used to, but I'll give it a go :) Took some time to get things sorted though, it's been ages since I worked with a bit of code and making images, I totally lost it :') So I'll probably mess around with it a bit more later.
What do you think about the result so far, do you like this more or the old template that I had? :)

Today I'm wearing the crackle polish that Born Pretty Store kindly send me for review, Kelier Nail Crack in purple. A lot of companies have crackles now but I didn't have a crackle polish before, so I'm not sure if others are harder or easier to apply. I read the Kelier ones dry a bit slower and it indeed did, but I think it was handy to have more time for the application. It seemed that if it's applied too thin, it'll give tiny crackles that jump off your nails fast, so I applied a thicker coat. I'm not used to using thick coats, so that got a bit messy, and on some places I should've used less polish. But now I know that for next time :)

I do like the way the Kelier crackles compared to other brands, but oh, the cleanup >.< I'm picky with it and this polish combined with my application didn't make it easy for me!
Next time I'll cleanup after the base color first, so it's easier to stay within the lines with the crackle polish, if that makes sense. I'll also do the crackle cleanup while it's still wet, it really gets hard when it's dry, making it very hard to cleanup without accidentally pushing off bit and pieces of crackle.

I used 2 coats of Essence Enchanted Fairy which is a light pink/mauve kinda color, 1 thick coat of the Kelier and a coat of Seche Vite.

I think I have a better feeling for the application now, so next time should give less thick results, showing the nice purple color and the crackles better.

You can buy this polish in various colors at Born Pretty Store for $4.52.

Have a nice day :)

The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy.

Purple glitters! - Review

Good afternoon :)

Recently I got contacted by Born Pretty Store, an online store with a lot of nail art products, if I wanted to review their products. They kindly let me pick out some items and I received them today, I already got their Hello Kitty plate earlier this week which was shipped around the same date as the review items. Their delivery time was between 10-14 days, wich is fine considering they're at the other side of the world :)

One of the items that I got was a glitter polish, with different size glitters in a clear base. On the site it looked pink/purple, but the glitters are actually a bit holographic, with red and blue popping up the most. I only remember seeing this one and a blue version, but I checked their site earlier and they have it in a lot of different colors now.
The large glitters are hard to polish with, I kinda dabbed them onto my nails, but that's normal with this kind of polish. Here I'm wearing 2 coats of Catrice Plum Play With Me, 2 coats of number 063 glitter polish, and a coat of Seche Vite. Usually I wrap the tips of my nails with SV, which I didn't do now and as a result I got a little bit of shrinkage.

The last pic is blurry, but it was the only one that came close to the actual color of the glitter :)

I also received a 7-way nail file/buffer block, it has a funky shape which I wanted to try out. I had a quick go with it now and liked it, the shape made it comfy to handle. For filing of my nails I always use a glassfile, but for buffering I'll use this one next time.

Next up are Nail Polish Removal Pens. I usually use the light pink ones from Essence, I find other brands' tips hard to work with and I haven't found a brush yet that I find easy to use for cleanups. I do dip the pens in remover and wipe them off in between so they last longer.
The pens that I received have the same shape tip as the Essence pens, only they're quite a bit harder which took a bit for me to get used to. Because of that they seem to take the polish up a bit less good as well (I only tried it with the above mani though), but I wipe the polish off the tip anyways. They do stay in shape longer thanks to their hardness, so that's good. The pens also come with 3 extra tips per pen.

You can buy these items at Born Pretty Store, the glitter polish number 063 costs $3.89, the Nail Polish Removal Pen cost $4.66 per 5, and the 7-way Buffering Block is $1.53. You can get their Hello Kitty plate for free by using code BP299.

I also received some stickers and a crackle polish, I didn't have one of those yet so I'm excited to try it out :) But that's for next time, enjoy your weekend!

The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy.

Purple NOTD


Today I'm wearing 2 coats of Color Club Uptown Girl stamped with Catrice Poison Me, Poison You! and BM plate 21. I thought this would be an easier image to work with than yesterday's image, but I found it harder to get this one straight and neat on my nails. But luckily it's not so visible from further away :)
Even though these plates are still a bit small for my nails which makes it harder to place them, the cleanup is much easier than with Konad plates, with those I often end up with a lot of polish all over the place :P

Take care!

Green NOTD


I filed my nails even shorter now, but I'm glad they usually grow quite fast because this is too short for my liking, eek! But the BM plates full nail images finally fit now, so I had to try that out of course :)
I used 3 coats of Catrice Sea of Green, stamped with China Glaze Adore and BM plate 16. I need a bit more practice with straight lined images like this one, but the BM plates have plenty of those to practice with.

Thanks for stopping by!

HEMA Metallic Purple


I already showed the grey Metallic, today I have the purple version to show. It's a mani from a few days ago and it didn't last me long, I liked the grey one so much more!

My nails are a bit shorter atm, I'm doing a relaxation massage coarse so they're gonna stay short for a while. At this length they're a bit in the way already, but I just can't make 'em much shorter, lol, it feels so odd then!
It does make stamping a whole lot easier though, the full nail images fit a lot better. Right now I'm also wearing a stamped mani, but I already showed this one before (the tigerstyle mani). This week I want to stamp some more, it's been a while!

Anyways, back to the HEMA polish:

This was 3 coats with top coat. Most of the times the silver in it stands out far more like in the first pic.

Enjoy your Sunday :)

Catrice Be My Millionaire v2 mattified


I found another new version of a Catrice polish, this time it was Be My Millionaire. It looked kinda interesting in the bottle so I took it home with me, but unfortunately it's not as interesting on the nail.

The left one is the new version. See there's a hint or purple in it? That's what I liked about it in the store as well.

Wait wut, where did the purple go! Clearly it didn't make it onto my nails :( Looking at the bottle right now I do see the purple again, I don't like being fooled by a polish! :P

If they managed to make it look on my nails like it does in the bottle picture I think it would be pretty cool. But now it feels more like one somewhat boring polish turned into another one >.<
It's not my kinda finish either, so I added a coat of Essie Matte About You to solve that.

Hmm, nah it's still not my thing. I do like that they change polishes that aren't so great as some of their other polishes, but would prefer if they changed the name as well.

Take care :)

Pink Mani


For today's mani I used 3 coats of Essie Splash of Grenadine, and wanted to add a pink full nail image topped with some white little skulls from an Essence plate. The skull image has hearts as eyes, thought it would make a sweet combo with all the pink :)
I didn't use this full nail image before, or well, only on a corner of my nail. In the past I failed getting it stamped right on my entire nail, but today it went great and I got it on very straight and clean! But unpatient as I can be, I ruined it by not using a top coat between that and the little skulls, and of course those went on horrible >.<

So here's attempt 2, without the skulls and with a bit less neat stamping, but I liked the result either way :) The polish used for stamping is China Glaze Emotion with Konad plate m57.

The Essie is a bit darker on itself, but the China Glaze adds a cool effect to the whole mani and lights it all up a bit. Did I mention before that I <3 the Romantique collection for stamping? :P This one I bought for stamping as well, but I found the color pink a bit odd so I didn't use it before. I'm glad I did now though :)

Thanks for visiting!

Catrice Let's Mauve On! with Just Married


Woah, more than 400 followers! I never expected to get so much followers and I really appreciate it <3 Thank you all for visiting my blog!

Today I'm wearing 3 thin coats of Catrice Let's Mauve On! and topped it with 1 coat of the new version of Catrice Just Married.

Here's Let's Mauve On! on itself, a purple-ish mauve with a light shimmer. Looks a bit darker and more purple irl, as the bottle shows a bit.

When I saw Just Married in the stores I already suspected it would be a layering polish and I'm not too crazy of that. But when I saw the name I bought it anyways, because I thought I already had a Just Married at home and as it turns out, I indeed did.
On the left is the new version that's in stores now, on the right is the old one, a light pink with shimmer.

This combo reminds me a lot of China Glaze's Tantalize Me! I'm very curious how Just Married will look over some other colors, especially black and blue.

Have a nice weekend :)

H&M Mad About You


Today I picked the other untried H&M polish that I had, Mad About You. The holo is even less there than in yesterday's polish, but meh it's pretty nevertheless :) I used 3 coats, no top coat.
It's a short post today, there's some Ben&Jerrys waiting for me, nom! ^^

 It often feels Blogger makes my pics a bit less sharp, now again with these pictures. Is that just me or is anyone else noticing this on their blog? 

Take care :)

H&M Sinful Señorita

Hey all,

My NOTD is H&M Sinful Señorita, a polish that I had untried for quite some time. I had it on a nailwheel and it looked a bit dull, so I skipped it every time. But now I tried it and I'm glad I did :)
It's a lot nicer on my nails than on the wheel, it covered in 1 coat (I used 2 though) and it dried fast as well. So it makes a good polish for when I have little time as well.
The holo in it is still barely visible on my nails, but with some sunlight it looks nice anyway.

Have a nice day :)

Cat spam!


It's so grey outside that making proper nailpics ain't easy, so today I'll show you my cats instead. Wasn't easy to choose pictures, I have way too many :)

First one is Sue, she's around 8y old now and good at posing for the cam. Even when she pulls a silly face the pics turn out good, lol.

Then I have Bindi, she's my first cat, around 8.5y old now. Also good at posing, until the actual moment you take the picture :)

Camera cords are nom!

And my 3rd cat is Dewey, he's around 6.5 months old now, these pictures are from when he was younger. Dew's nickname is aapje, which means little monkey in Dutch, and because of that I don't have any proper recent pics :P

And here's a bonuspic of Suetje showing that she too has a little Simon's Cat inside her!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend :)

Wild At Heart with Nfu.Oh 51


I realized I still didn't show Nfu.Oh 51 on my blog, shame on me! :o So today I added 1 coat over yesterday's mani, Color Club Wild At Heart. It turned out a bit darker than the Nfu.Oh solo, but it looks great either way. Will show it on itself some other time :)

It often looks like this, red/orange shimmer and flakies.

On these 2 pics you can see the other colors (like the green) a bit better.

And as some of you might remember I had some fosterkittens a while ago...

That's right, that big red fuzzy blur in the background is actually this little kitten! :) And as the vet already predicted, he's well on his way of turning into a ginormous cat. Currently he's around 6 months old and already over 4kg pure loving madness <3

Have a nice day :)