Cat spam!


It's so grey outside that making proper nailpics ain't easy, so today I'll show you my cats instead. Wasn't easy to choose pictures, I have way too many :)

First one is Sue, she's around 8y old now and good at posing for the cam. Even when she pulls a silly face the pics turn out good, lol.

Then I have Bindi, she's my first cat, around 8.5y old now. Also good at posing, until the actual moment you take the picture :)

Camera cords are nom!

And my 3rd cat is Dewey, he's around 6.5 months old now, these pictures are from when he was younger. Dew's nickname is aapje, which means little monkey in Dutch, and because of that I don't have any proper recent pics :P

And here's a bonuspic of Suetje showing that she too has a little Simon's Cat inside her!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend :)