Catrice Be My Millionaire v2 mattified


I found another new version of a Catrice polish, this time it was Be My Millionaire. It looked kinda interesting in the bottle so I took it home with me, but unfortunately it's not as interesting on the nail.

The left one is the new version. See there's a hint or purple in it? That's what I liked about it in the store as well.

Wait wut, where did the purple go! Clearly it didn't make it onto my nails :( Looking at the bottle right now I do see the purple again, I don't like being fooled by a polish! :P

If they managed to make it look on my nails like it does in the bottle picture I think it would be pretty cool. But now it feels more like one somewhat boring polish turned into another one >.<
It's not my kinda finish either, so I added a coat of Essie Matte About You to solve that.

Hmm, nah it's still not my thing. I do like that they change polishes that aren't so great as some of their other polishes, but would prefer if they changed the name as well.

Take care :)