HEMA Metallic Purple


I already showed the grey Metallic, today I have the purple version to show. It's a mani from a few days ago and it didn't last me long, I liked the grey one so much more!

My nails are a bit shorter atm, I'm doing a relaxation massage coarse so they're gonna stay short for a while. At this length they're a bit in the way already, but I just can't make 'em much shorter, lol, it feels so odd then!
It does make stamping a whole lot easier though, the full nail images fit a lot better. Right now I'm also wearing a stamped mani, but I already showed this one before (the tigerstyle mani). This week I want to stamp some more, it's been a while!

Anyways, back to the HEMA polish:

This was 3 coats with top coat. Most of the times the silver in it stands out far more like in the first pic.

Enjoy your Sunday :)