Wild At Heart with Nfu.Oh 51


I realized I still didn't show Nfu.Oh 51 on my blog, shame on me! :o So today I added 1 coat over yesterday's mani, Color Club Wild At Heart. It turned out a bit darker than the Nfu.Oh solo, but it looks great either way. Will show it on itself some other time :)

It often looks like this, red/orange shimmer and flakies.

On these 2 pics you can see the other colors (like the green) a bit better.

And as some of you might remember I had some fosterkittens a while ago...

That's right, that big red fuzzy blur in the background is actually this little kitten! :) And as the vet already predicted, he's well on his way of turning into a ginormous cat. Currently he's around 6 months old and already over 4kg pure loving madness <3

Have a nice day :)