Catrice Walk In The Woods mani

I bought Walk In The Woods because I didn't have anything alike, but I quickly found out it's not really flattering for my skintone. So I decided to add some stamping, and got the inspiration from the bottle.
The plate that I thought of straight away is still on my wishlist, so I chose BM plate 16 instead. I stamped it twice on each nail in Konad white, and used a dotting tool with China Glaze Cheers To You to fill in the hearts of the little flowers.

The Catrice is slightly darker on itself, when applying top coat the white stained a little. Not visible from the stamping, but I could see the color change a bit.
The result is a bit, hmm, how shall I put it :P I like the mani itself, but the color isn't really my thing I think. Or maybe I'm just not used to this kinda color. Either way, next time I'll give it a go with different colors instead :)

The color made me think of cappuccino so I'm gonna make me a cup of that, take care :)