China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le - Review

When I was fixing my blog's theme I also had a look at my older pictures and felt there were some polishes that really deserve a better picture. So today I'm showing you one of those, China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le. I used 3 coats and added some stickers that Born Pretty Store kindly send me for review, and finished with some top coat. Here's the result :)

This picture is quite color accurate. Below you can see what my camera did with the color in most pictures. It's not that blue, it's just a PITA to capture :P

The edges of the stickers that you can see on my pictures aren't showing irl.

My first impression when I opened the little bag that contained the stickers wasn't so good, the smell of plastic hit me in the face! But after leaving them out in the open for a while that did go away. The stickers itself are cut out very close to the edge of the image, wich I find nice because it seems to make the edges less visible. Most images have enough of them on a sheet to use the same one on all your nails, which I find a plus as well.
They aren't very thick, which does make them a bit squishy, especially the little ones I used now were fragile and I lost a leaf here and there. But luckily they ain't as sticky as some stickers are, so I got them back in place without damaging my mani. And on the bright side, since they are so thin I just needed a thin layer of top coat to make my nails pretty smooth again.

These are the sheets of stickers that I got, loads of little flowers that'll make nice accents for a stamped mani. For the application of stickers I always use a little hobby knife like the one on this picture, it helps with precise placement and getting stickers off a sheet. If you have a hard time using stickers I'd suggest to try something like that :)

Close-up of some stickers.

You can buy the stickers at Born Pretty Store, an online store with a lot of nail art products. These stickers come in a random set of 10 sheets and cost $4.31 per set.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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