Grey Scotch Tape Mani

I wanted to try out a mani with the scotch tape that I got yesterday, to see if it works better than what I used to use. Masking tape doesn't give such crisp clean lines, and the standard tape pulls off the polish too easy. This one worked like a charm :)

I started with Catrice Pebble Beach and stamped it with China Glaze Awaken and Konad plate m65. Then I added the middle line with Essence Must-Have, followed by HEMA Metallic Grey and a layer of top coat. I added another layer of top coat later, as you can see it could use some more.
The result is something totally different than what I usually wear, but hmm, I think I like it. The lines are still not as straight as can be though, especially at the ends, but that's because I need some practice ánd some patience :)

Thanks for looking :)