OPI Diva Of Geneva

The weather was a bit grey last few days and I still had OPI Diva Of Geneva untried, so I didn't have to think long about what to wear. Because of the bad lighting I couldn't capture the gorgeous shimmer in it which makes it look a bit lighter too, but it's beautiful like this as well!
I used 3 thin coats with top coat, but thicker 2 coats would've worked too.

As I've noticed more often Blogger makes these pictures a little bit blurry, but if you click them to show full size it seems fine again.

Have a nice weekend!

Taped Triangles

I had an idea for a mani and for once it came out the way I planned it, lol. The ingredients for this mani were China Glaze Snow, Catrice Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!, China Glaze Cha Cha Cha (all 2 coats), scotch tape (lots of it!) and top coat. The result:

The mani is more intense green irl than on my pics. I like how the triangles give the impression that my nails are longer than they actually are :)

Sue sneaked into the picture, guess she wanted to show her paw as well :P

And here's Dewdew in the background, enjoying his catgrass in the sun before continueing his bug killing spree. His fur was really light when he was little, which was very cute, but I love how deep his color became!

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Neon Pink NOTD

I saw this mani on Marta's blog ChitChat Nails and knew I'd have to copy it sometime, loved it! When my sister brought me a neon pink, I instantly thought of Marta's mani. I don't have the plate she used, so I used the leopard print from Konad plate m57 instead. I used China Glaze Snow with Konad Black on my ringfingers, filled it in with Color Cosmetic nr. 21 and used that on the rest of my nails as well. The pink is darker and brighter irl, my camera had a very hard time with it, but it's a lovely color :)

I havent posted so often last few weeks, it's way too nice weather to sit inside and polish a lot :)

Take care!

Some of the new Catrice polishes

As you probably know, Catrice recently added a bunch of new polishes to their collection. I swatched these a while ago, but wasn't too happy with the pics so I didn't post them yet. But now I'm enjoying the weather way too much to go make new pictures, lol.
I think they were all 3 coats, no top coat.

In The Bronx

An original color, I'm liking it! :)


I'm starting to doubt now if this one wasn't 2 coats. I didn't find it so special, but it's a nice color anyways. Might look good mattified!

Sand Francisco

Ugh, not so flattering, but it's a nice soft color with a shimmer that makes it a lot more special.

I have some more of their new polishes, couldn't resist! But those will come some other time. Did you get any of the new ones?

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Poetic stamped with Carribean Sea

My parents gave me my first P2 polishes and they picked out some very nice colors, that was so sweet of them! They also gave me a Show Your Feet polish from Essence, Carribean Sea. They didn't know that I wanted this one for quite some time, because I heard it works for stamping.

I had to try them out of course, so today I'm wearing 3 thin coats of P2 Poetic, stamped with Konad plate m64 and Essence Caribbean Sea. I got that plate recently for another image on it, but I haven't even used that one yet, I keep going for the one I used today. The result is very subtle as you can see on the middle picture, it's not really so visible inside, I think that's also because of the image that I picked. But with the sun on it, it stands out a lot more :)

I hope you're also having this lovely sunny weather, and if so, enjoy! :)

Pink Leopard

Lately I'm enjoying the animal prints a bit more again and I wanted a fun mani for my birthday tomorrow, I think this pink leopard does the trick :) I'm wearing 3 coats of Essie Splash of Grenadine and stamped it with Konad plate m57 and China Glaze Emotion. The stamping is very visible at some angles, at other angles you don't see it so well and I like it just like that =) I wouldn't wear Emotion on it's on, but as with all polish from the Romantique collection, it's an awesome stamping polish!

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice Sunday!

More Marbling!

And this time, successful on all nails *happydance :) I was trying to marble with el cheapo drugstore polishes, but after Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails mentionned that China Glaze works well for spreading, I decided to give it a go with some other brands including China Glaze. And she was right, that really made a huge difference! I used China Glaze Snow as base for all attempts and different polishes to marble with.

This was my final result:
China Glaze: Secret Peri-Wink-Le, Little Drummer Boy, Blue Iguana
OPI: What's with the Cattitude?

This was my first attempt of the day. As you can see I had quite a few airbubbles on my indexfinger, but it was to try out the polishes, not so much the dipping in the marble. The only polishes I had some problems with were Misa Glitz, Glamour, Smile for the Camera and China Glaze Coconut Kiss. I ended up not using Coconut Kiss.
Oh, and here's a tip, make sure you don't forget to tape your fingers or use oil or vaseline or some, especially when using stainy polishes like the green :')

China Glaze: Jolly Holly, Mistletoe Kisses, Adore, Watermelon Rind
China Glaze: Snow, Secret Peri-Wink-Le, Blue Iguana
OPI: What's with the Cattitude?
China Glaze: Senorita Bonita
OPI: Rumple's Wiggin'
Misa: Glitz, Glamour, Smile for the Camera
China Glaze: Ahoy!, Something Sweet, Snow
Orly: It's Not Me, It's You

This was the marble I did after testing out the polishes, the result reminded me of a candycane! Still some small airbubbles here and there, but I liked it. On the pictures it's not so clear, but the glitters in Ahoy! gave a nice effect. I'll use such polishes more often in marbles :)

China Glaze: Ahoy!, Something Sweet
Orly: It's Not Me, It's You

And here's another picture of the last marble I did, say hi to my thumb ^^ I did my righthand as well and the dipping with that one was a lot easier, but photographing with my left hand was hard, lol.

Now that it went alot better I'll do it again sometime and have a go at trying out different patterns. I really liked how the pink one turned out, for the blue I'd use a less dark blue next time. Which combo do you like the most? :)

Have a nice weekend!

Watermarble Accentnail & Blue Iguana - Review

Here I'm wearing 3 coats of Catrice Apropos Apricot with a marble on my middelfinger of Apropos Apricot and I Scream Peach! from Catrice and Watch Out! from Essence. Shall I just pretend it was ment this way? ^^ Ugh, I don't know why, but me and marbling is a fail combo!

I tried it with normal water and with bottled water, but the polish just doesn't spread so well. If the first drops spread decently, the rest won't. I tried to drop them from different heights, and in the end I just placed drops next to each other and marbled like that.
That was somewhat successful, although no fancy patterns then but I can live with that for now. Next time I'll just try a different brand polish and hope that spreads better. I almost emptied a bottle of Catrice in 2 attempts, yikes! Luckily drugstores have sales, lol.

But my main issue is the dipping, somehow I keep getting a big splash of polish on my fingers instead of the nice marble that's in the cup, or bubbles in the marble, or a waterblob under the polish. So far I only managed 2 nails properly, and that was both this time and the previous time my middlefinger. My other fingers seem to have issues with the way I place them in the marble or some :P

Anyways, I'm hoping one of you has the golden tip for me! :)

As requested, this one's for the lovely Chris from Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, who supported me during my marble attempts. Here's how my placemat looked after removing my old mani and failing with this marbling. Last time it looked worse, at least that's improving, lol.

After taking the above off I reswatched China Glaze Blue Iguana. I wasn't happy with my previous swatches, these turned out better I think :) I also added these to the review post instead of the old pics.

Thanks for looking! :)

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Out Of My Mind with Glisten Up!

I've been a bit busy last few days, so not much time to check up and comment on other blogs, but hopefully that'll be better in a few days :)
Today I'm wearing 3 coats of Essence Out Of My Mind, 2 coats of Essence Glisten Up! and a layer of top coat. I luuuv this combo, these 2 match together so well! :)
Glisten Up! has some holographic glitters in it, and usually I'm not too fond of that, but it works well with this one. And I prefer these flakies over the ones from some other brands, they're smaller and combined with the green shimmer in it...I'm glad I got a backup bottle!

Here's a closeup since the other pics don't show the flakies so well. It looks like they're part of the polish instead of added on top <3

Take care!

No More Drama mani & Giveaway Winner

First things first, the winner of my giveaway...after going through all the entries I let random.org pick a winner:

Congratulations Olivia from Varnish Me! The polishes are coming your way, enjoy! :)

Then for my NOTD, I've done this mani before and it's a good practice for dotting, lol. I used 3 coats of Essence No More Drama as base and stamped it with Konad White and BM plate 21. Then I used my smallest dottingtool and China Glaze Harmony to fill in a row of the stamped image, and after I added top coat, I glued on a star-shaped rhinestone. I used it after the top coat, because top coat makes these stones look more like a shiny blob instead of a star.

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Ocean vs. Out Of My Mind & Dirty Berry vs. Mad About You

When I bought some of the new Catrice and Essence polishes, there was one that made me doubt straight away, because in the store it reminded me a lot of another polish already. On the wheel they looked so alike that I decided to compare them.
So here we have Catrice Dirty Berry vs. H&M Mad About You.

Mad About You is slightly more blue, which especially the nail wheel pic shows, but it's barely visible irl. The wannabe holographic in these is the same. For me they're so close that I'd call these a dupe anyways, when I had them on my nails I couldn't really keep them apart.
Both 3 coats, no top coat.

Dirty Berry on index & ring, Mad About You on middle & Pink.
The pictures were made in the last bit of evening sun yesterday, so the color looks a bit different thanks to the warm light of the sun. But it gives a good idea of how these 2 compare anyways :)

Mad About You on the left, Dirty Berry on the right. This pic is pretty color accurate.

Dirty Berry on the left, Mad About You on the right. Here you can see the small difference a lot better.

Dirty Berry on index & ring, Mad About You on middle & Pink. See how close they are?

When I posted about some of the new Essence polishes, Deborah from Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... was wondering how Essence Out Of My Mind compared to Gosh Ocean. Now these are clearly no dupes, but to give a better idea of the difference, I just compared these 2 as well.
In some angles their colors can be quite alike, but Ocean is more frosty and shows brushstrokes better, and Out Of My Mind is deeper blue and has a gorgeous green shimmer that Ocean lacks.
Both 3 coats, no top coat.

Ocean on index & ring, Out Of My Mind on middle & pink.

Ocean on the left, Out Of My Mind on the right.

Ocean on the left, Out Of My Mind on the right.

Ocean on index & ring, Out Of My Mind on middle & pink.

Conslusion: if you have Mad About You, you won't need Dirty Berry. If you have Ocean and like such colors, get Out Of My Mind as well :)

Enjoy your Sunday!