Out Of My Mind with Glisten Up!

I've been a bit busy last few days, so not much time to check up and comment on other blogs, but hopefully that'll be better in a few days :)
Today I'm wearing 3 coats of Essence Out Of My Mind, 2 coats of Essence Glisten Up! and a layer of top coat. I luuuv this combo, these 2 match together so well! :)
Glisten Up! has some holographic glitters in it, and usually I'm not too fond of that, but it works well with this one. And I prefer these flakies over the ones from some other brands, they're smaller and combined with the green shimmer in it...I'm glad I got a backup bottle!

Here's a closeup since the other pics don't show the flakies so well. It looks like they're part of the polish instead of added on top <3

Take care!