Poetic stamped with Carribean Sea

My parents gave me my first P2 polishes and they picked out some very nice colors, that was so sweet of them! They also gave me a Show Your Feet polish from Essence, Carribean Sea. They didn't know that I wanted this one for quite some time, because I heard it works for stamping.

I had to try them out of course, so today I'm wearing 3 thin coats of P2 Poetic, stamped with Konad plate m64 and Essence Caribbean Sea. I got that plate recently for another image on it, but I haven't even used that one yet, I keep going for the one I used today. The result is very subtle as you can see on the middle picture, it's not really so visible inside, I think that's also because of the image that I picked. But with the sun on it, it stands out a lot more :)

I hope you're also having this lovely sunny weather, and if so, enjoy! :)