Some of the new Catrice polishes

As you probably know, Catrice recently added a bunch of new polishes to their collection. I swatched these a while ago, but wasn't too happy with the pics so I didn't post them yet. But now I'm enjoying the weather way too much to go make new pictures, lol.
I think they were all 3 coats, no top coat.

In The Bronx

An original color, I'm liking it! :)


I'm starting to doubt now if this one wasn't 2 coats. I didn't find it so special, but it's a nice color anyways. Might look good mattified!

Sand Francisco

Ugh, not so flattering, but it's a nice soft color with a shimmer that makes it a lot more special.

I have some more of their new polishes, couldn't resist! But those will come some other time. Did you get any of the new ones?

Thanks for stopping by :)