Below Deck stamped

The other day I used Catrice Wrapped Around My Finger for a mani (didn't show that one yet), and I noticed that it became a bit thicker and pretty much a 1-coater. So I instantly wondered how it would work for stamping, and today I tried that. I'll have to get me a backup of this one and Poison Me, Poison You!, they're both great for stamping and I really like these colors :)

For this mani I used 2 coats of China Glaze Below Deck, and stamped it with Catrice Wrapped Around My Finger and BPS plate m78. I've noticed now that the images of these plates are a tiny bit smaller than the real Konad images, and the very fine lines aren't transferring well. So for plates that I'd use a lot I'd go for the real ones, but for plates that I'd use every once in a while these work fine for me.
The Catrice is actually a pink, but the basecolor I used now makes it look a bit more purple. It's lovely either way! :)

Have a great Sunday!