CND Muddy Rose stamped

I wondered for quite some time what kind of colors to use for stamping on colors like this CND, and recently I already found that China Glaze Joy looks nice. But the other day I saw an image that combined this kinda color with purple, and of course I had to try that too!

So here's 2 coats of CND Muddy Rose stamped with Catrice Posion Me, Poison You! and BM plate 224. The CND applies like butter and if you use a thicker coat, it's a 1-coater! It also dries fast and I love the cap, so it's a great quick mani polish. The only downside that I found is that it can chip quite fast, I wouldn't wear it without a top coat. I definitely want to try out more CND polishes :)

Enjoy your Sunday :)