Grey stamped mani and a mouse

As you probably know, Blogger has been down all day, and atm I still miss a whole bunch of reactions. I did see all comments though, thanks for them! And luckily I still have them all in mail, so if they ain't placed back, I'll post them myself again.
Now, back to the usual polish talk :)

For this mani I used 3 coats of Catrice Pebble Beach, Essence Caribbean Sea and BM plate 223.

Then there's something else that I'd like to show you, a mouse! I started with crochet the other day and it's not so easy at start, especially when there's cats distracting you from counting :P But I managed and my first successful project is finished :) The previous mouse I made was a bit odd shaped, so I wouldn't call that a success, but it's not like my cats care anyways, haha. I stuffed them with catnip!

There's quite a bit of creative stuff that I enjoy doing, but there's also a whole list of things I'd like to try out still. Like making those awesome decorated cakes (although that might not be the brightest choice, lol), or mosaic. Now I'm curious, do you like making things and if so, what kind of things? :)

Have a great weekend!